Papaya Amazing Nutritional Health Benefits

Health Benefits of PapayaAs kids we were always taught to eat our greens, our parents tried to instill in us the need for fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets. However as men grow older they seem more reluctant to include fruits and vegetables in their daily diets. In the USA it’s recommended that adult men consume 2 cups of fruit per day. Where that fruit comes from however is also important as some fruits like Papaya have particular antioxidants and health benefits that makes it preferable to others.

The Amazing benefits of the papaya fruit

The exotic Papaya was once only found in specialist markets but is now popping up in conventional grocery stores. What was once seen as an occasional treat can now be an everyday fruit indulgence. However the papaya is more than just a tasty treat, It has many health benefits too.

Rich source of vitamin C

When you think of vitamin C you may think of your morning orange juice but instead think about the papaya. Just half a papaya gives you over 110 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement. That is sure to give your immune system a boost come cold and flu season.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Papayas are loaded with vitamins and minerals essential for the bodies use. They are a good source of fat soluble vitamin A, magnesium and copper. Nutrients in papaya, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene are anti-inflammatory, which could aid in exercise recovery and help conditions such as asthma and arthritis.

Packed with Fiber

Without a doubt one of the benefits of papaya, and most fruits and vegetables, is the fiber. While the RDA of fiber for men is 38g per day, sadly the average adult male only eats 15g per day. Boost your fiber intake with papaya. At almost 5g of fiber per papaya, they are a great source of fiber. Not only will this aid digestion but research suggests that adequate fiber intake can lower the risk of colon cancer.

High in Lycopene

As men age the risk of prostate cancer increases, it’s the most common male cancer. Recent studies have shown that diet low in lycopene, less than 2500 mcg day, can double the risk of prostate cancer. Help is at hand however because eating a diet high in lycopene rich foods, like papaya, can reduce the risk by up to 80 percent. So fruits can be a great addition to the male diet for lowering the risk of many types of cancer.

5 ways to include papaya into your diet:

• Add to salsa
• Blend into a smoothie
• Puree in a blender to make a salad dressing
• Add to greek yogurt for a sweet protein filled snack
• Add to salads or on top of taco’s for a sweet surprise

While eating fruit may seem like a chore, finding ways to include it into your diet is essential to every man’s health. Ensuring you eat nutrient rich fruits like papaya daily may offset illness, cancer, aid in digestion and help the body recover quicker.

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