Cocktails: Low Calorie To Order A Bar

5 Low Calorie CocktailsHot weather favorites like flavored cocktails can be a real killer on the diet. A few hundred calories per drink might not seem like a lot but times that by 3, 4 or more and the calorie count can stack up fast. So what’s a guy to do when out having a good time and trying to keep to a healthy diet? If you choose wisely there are several low calorie cocktails that you can kick back and relax without worrying about packing on those liquid lbs.

5 Low calorie cocktails

1. White Wine Sangria

Get a bottle of pinot grigio or sparkling wine add fruit like peaches, strawberries and oranges with a tad of fresh juice. Just that simple you have a low calorie tasty drink that everyone is sure to enjoy.

2. Coconut Water with Rum and a Twist of Lime

Bring home a taste of the tropics with white or dark rum, coconut water and fresh lime. Reap the benefits of the fresh coco water while avoiding mixers that can add up calories quickly.

3. Fresh Squeezed Oj Screwdriver

Fresh squeezed orange juice is free of the extra sugars and preservatives that the store bought kind can carry. Grab a bag of oranges and your favorite vodka for a tasty cocktail.

4. Berry Margarita

A regular margarita can be over 700 calories in one glass. Mix up this party favorite with frozen berries like blueberry and raspberry and blackberries a scoop of sorbet for a little flavor and a shot of pure agave tequila for a frozen treat.

5. Pomegranate Martini

This drink can be made with vodka or gin all you need to do is add a little pomegranate juice and a dash of simple syrup and shake up in cocktail shaker for a refreshing antioxidant cocktail. Be sure to get the real pomegranate juice without the added sugars to keep the calories to a minimum.

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