Health Benefits of Red Wine That Will Surprise You

Health Benefits of Red Wine That Will Surprise YouIf you are a wine aficionado there is nothing better than a glass of red wine to complement a great meal or relax after a long day. There is also a lot of buzz these days about the health benefits of red wine (as if we needed another excuse to drink). So if you haven’t found an appreciation for red wine just quite yet here are a few more reasons you might want to tip back your glass.

Top Health Benefits of Red Wine

Heart Healthy

There was a study called the French Paradox back in the 90’s about the fact that the people of France had a rather low statistic of heart disease even though the fact that the average diet was high in saturated fat. With further research it was determined that the higher consumption on red wine decreased their heart disease changes due to the powerful antioxidant, Resveratrol.


Resveratrol has also been linked to several anti-aging studies and has been proven to prevent cell aging. How it works is the SIRT1 protein in your body that protects the bodies DNA from degenerating is boosted when levels of resveratrol are present in the body.

Preserves Muscle Fiber

Red wine has also been noted to slow muscle deterioration. In a Lab test scientist used mice and limited their mobility of a period of time. The mice that were fed resveratrol supplements showed far less decrease in strength, muscle mass and bone density. The same has also been studied in humans with similar results. So next time you have to take a few days off kick back a few glasses of your favorite.

Helps Prevent Cancer

The resveratrol in red wine has promising studies to suggest that it can help prevent cancer causing DNA mutations. By minimizing the DNA mutations to take place, it stops new blood cells further cancer growth.

As so many have observed there are numbers health benefits of red wine, however, the quantity of wine you drink does matter quite a bit. If you go over the recommended daily intake, your health benefits are disappear and you are at higher risk for health problems. So guys, stick to two glasses a day to enjoy the experience and the health benefits of red wine.

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