Run In the Cold to Stay Fit And Healthy

For those of us who enjoy a good run and don’t want to give it up during the cold months, there are a few things we must abide by before hitting the pavement this winter season. Cold days put many of us in hibernation mode. This mindset has to stop. So as of right now remove that from your mind and focus on continuing your life long journey of living a healthy life, even when Mother Nature is taunting us & trying to convince us to say, “I’ll run tomorrow”

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you maintain your running rhythm in the cold.

1. Our toes & fingers are the first things to feel the cold air.

There is nothing worse than cold toes. The most valuable tip is making sure you have warm socks. If you need to keep your hands warm run with gloves.

 2. We often dress in layers so why stop when running.

Your body is going to be cool when you start which is why you need to wear a light jacket. Once your body temperature starts to rise take it off and wrap it around your waist. Make sure its light enough that it doesn’t add additional weight to your running. There are great options at your favorite running/sports store.

3. Warm up at home before you head out.

Stretching and warming up your body is extremely important, especially before heading outdoors when it’s cold. Let your body know its going outside for a run in the cold air. Not even your body likes a cold surprise!

4. Ease into it.

Don’t start running in freezing weather. Gradually work your body into the new temps. Start now in the fall and work your way into winter. Slow & steady wins the race.

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