Stress: Tips for Relieving Symptoms

Tips for Relieving Stress in Your LifeStress is one of the biggest causes for a variety of health issues from heart conditions to depression and more. It can play havoc with your mind and body without you truly even being aware of how much stress you are experiencing each day, so it is important to incorporate stress relieving practices into your life every day to ensure that both your mind and body are in optimal health as much as possible. Here are some easy tips to help relieve stress in your life in both big and small ways.

Tips to help Relieve Stress in Your Life

 1. Go for a Walk

Sometimes stress can make you feel like the walls are closing in and that you’re trapped; it isn’t a pleasant feeling and can overwork your heart and body, elevating your blood pressure, heart rate and messing with the hormones that help your body run properly. By going for a walk you can help relieve that feeling of being trapped with fresh air, open spaces and the calming influence of nature at its finest.

2. Take an Afternoon Siesta

The benefits of an afternoon nap have largely been downplayed in the modern world where everyone is on the go constantly, but the simple truth is that allowing your mind and body to take a short rest during a stressful day can help to lower your stress levels. Not only can a 20 minute nap give you a quick boost in energy, but it can help you subconsciously work out problems at work that have been causing the stress in the first place.

3. Listen to Some Music

Music has the ability to calm the senses and distract the mind from the stresses of the day. Whether you listen to soothing jazz, invigorating blues, energetic rock or trendy pop songs, music can relieve your stress and get your feet moving quickly and easily.

4. Work with Your Hands

Many men who are trapped in an office or cubicle during the work day find themselves stressed out from a life that male DNA just doesn’t typically lend to. For tens of thousands of years men have been the hunters, the warriors, the protectors of society; making their living largely through the use of their hands or outdoors. By allowing yourself to get back to that instinctual need to work with your hands you can lower your stress levels and distract your mind from the worries of the day. Whether you try your hand at woodworking, building model airplanes or something else, find ways to use your hands to work your body as well as your mind.

5. Get Your Game On

It is amazing how much a quick game of basketball, football or the like can help to relieve stress in the mind and body. It is a relaxing pass time that can be used to bond with a few buddies or by yourself as you work through problems that have been stumping you for a while. Taking a breather to work out your body as well can help to balance the stress hormone known as cortisol that have put added pressure on your heart which can elevate blood pressure and more.

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