How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance

How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance

You hear the phrase energy balance and chances are you may not be aware of what it means. It is not a term you hear every day. So let us fill you in the secret. Energy balance is a balance that the body maintains between the energy consumed and the energy burned. This balance can translate as the loss of weight, gaining weight or weight maintenance. However, there is a lot more than just changes in body weight. It translates in the metabolism, hormonal balance, as well as the mood and mental clarity. Let us go through certain things which you will need to take care of in order to maintain a healthy energy balance.

Whole foods

How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance - whole foods

Ensure that you are including a variety of food groups in your diet and don't restrict yourself to one or two food groups. Eating a balanced and colorful plate of food means you are having a healthy meal. Including whole grains, natural food against processed food, and lean meat mind be the day to a healthy energy balance in your body.

Mindful eating

How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance - mindful eating

Even though mindfulness should become a part of every activity, being mindful of your eating habits can help you be closely aligned with the number of articles you consume every day. Practice label reading and know what ingredients are present in your food choices. Keep a food journal to be more aware of your intakes. This will not only keep you aware of your food habits but will help you make better choices.

Portion control

How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance - portion control

Portion control is having the food that you want but in smaller portions. Chances are you will hardly notice the difference, and will still be full. Go for smaller plate sizes, resist going for seconds and be aware of the snack portions too. This can go a long way.


How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance - workout

Being active does not mean you need that gym membership. You can make the initiatives by introducing smaller activities. Take the stairs or go to the yoga class. Do whatever floats your boat but make sure your body is getting some movement. So take the longer route home or join that swim class!

Swap food choices

How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance - swap food choices

Eating healthy does not have to mean you are letting all the fun food go! Swap your regular food choices for healthier options and you will probably hardly know the difference. However, your body will highly appreciate the effort and surely know the difference. So go for water as opposed to the carbonated drink, and swap your white bread for the whole grain ones. Small changes make all the difference.

There is no shortcut to a healthy body and mind

Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Add Healthy Years to Your Life - eat healthy

We need to put in some efforts every day to get to the stage where we want to be. Maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy diet is something that is a key factor for leading a healthy and disease-free life. Finding that happy space between your 'calorie in's and 'calorie out's is exactly what is required to reap the benefits of a healthy and happy life.

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