Signs that It’s Time to Break Up

Signs that It’s Time to Break UpThat old saying that “breaking up is hard to do” couldn’t be more right, but sometimes breaking up is the smartest choice you can make for yourself even if you love the person. Of course, figuring out if it’s time to break up isn’t as easy as it sounds; sometimes it’s complicated. So we’ve put together a list of 5 signs that it’s time to break up to help you figure out once and for all if the relationship is a keeper or not.

One or Both of You Can’t Say “I Love You”
Relationships evolve over time and deepen; the more people are together the more they know about each other and a natural progression of that is the “I love you” stage. Is one or both of you unable to say those three little words to the other? If so, it could be a sign that no matter how much chemistry you have with each other the relationship may never go past the lust or “like” stage.

One or Both of You Have Gotten Hurt Physically
Couples argue every now and then, it is a normal part of any relationship whether it is romantic or not, but when physical violence comes into play that can be a clear sign that the relationship is a bad choice for both of you.

One or Both of You Doesn’t Meet the Other’s Fantasy Person
We all have the idea of the perfect person or “fantasy”; a collection of traits that make up a person that meets with your ideal romantic goals. It may be superficial like a woman with a shapely body or something more substantial like someone who doesn’t want kids, whatever it may be it could be a sticking point that over time you are unable to accept. If you have settled for a person who doesn’t meet your fantasy it might be time to break up and look for someone who does.

One or Both of You is Unhappy with the Other Person
Being together should make up happy… does it? Are you constantly looking for an excuse to stay away from home or to hang out with the guys instead of her? Do you find yourself feeling depressed or angry when you are together? These things can be a sign that you are unhappy in the relationship and a break up may be in order.

One or Both of You Have Cheated on the Other
When cheating comes into play there is no surer sign that the relationship is either is vital need of an overhaul or it is time for a break up. Cheating on each other indicates unhappiness whether sexually or emotionally and shouldn’t be ignored.

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