Daily Fitness - Quality vs Quantity

A fact that is so important in many aspects of life. This is also very true when it comes to your workout. For some time now I’ve been preaching that even 10 minutes a day is better than no minutes a day. With just 10 minutes you can improve your health, stay healthy, and best of all make you happy. Consistency is the key to everything you do, even in the gym. I am a huge advocate of implementing spurts of daily fitness throughout the day, simply because that is my lifestyle and it works for me. There are days when I can’t give 30 to 60 minutes at a time in the gym as some experts suggest is necessary. This is just not always realistic for us always on the go. So waking up 10 minutes earlier and hitting the floor with planks, push-ups, & Yoga. Keeping my medicine ball in the kitchen so I can work with it while prepping meals for the family. Using my cans of Goya, 2lb bottles of Honey, or gallons of Milk for more than just eating. Doing lunges while waiting for the bus with the kids, and running/playing with my dog. Those are ALL ways of staying active and I assure you will keep you fit & healthy.

Yes, the more you workout the better, but it’ll do nothing for you if you start full steam ahead and then quit due to fatigue and exhaustion. Slow & steady does win the race and in order to stay in the race you have to gradually work your way to the level of consistency. Stay in the game, not burn out! Most recently my mom FINALLY listened! She hasn’t been taking care of herself. Thank goodness, she came down with a stomach virus and she listened to her body. Funny how the body speaks to us, sad how many of us don’t listen. Bottom line she is moving more as we all should! We need to bring activity into our lives and allow it to be a part of life, a lifestyle. You won’t have to “diet” if you eat right & healthy every day, and you won’t have to stress over taking your shirt off at the beach if you’ve implemented daily fitness in your everyday life. Repeat…..it’s a Lifestyle not an overnight quick fix! AND all it takes is 10 minutes a day to get you going!

So do something... anything today... and enjoy the journey

Xoxo B

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