Insanely Extreme Sports

In the world of extreme sports there are extreme and there are the insanely extreme. For the everyday sportsman that enjoys outdoor activities the insanely extreme are not only dangerous but should only be attempted by elite professionals who dedicate time and sometimes their lives work to these activities. We have found a variety of sports that can make even the highly active, skilled and self-proclaimed thrill junkies a little squeamish.

Wingsuit Flying

If you have never heard of this activity you are not alone. This sport entails a jumper to put on a suit with webbed fabric under the arms and between the legs that looks like a human flying squirrel. Then jump off a very high cliff and literally fly through the air at a high rate of speed and pull out a parachute at the very last minute. Watch this clip from 60 minutes. (Seriously watch it)

Free Solo Climbing

This sport is rock climbing without the use of ropes, harnesses or other protective gear. Climbers rely solely on their physical strength, climbing technique and nerves of steel to propel them on their climb. This sport was put on the map by people like the legendary extreme sport practitioner Dan Osman. In free solo climbing there is no room for mistakes and perfection is a matter between life and death. The summits that these brave souls scale are not for the faint of heart.

Cliff Diving

If you have ever been to Acapulco, Mexico or Negril, Jamaica you have probably seen the daredevil professional cliff divers that plunge to the water at heights over 150 feet. To add an extra element of danger the waters below are surrounded by rocks and any slight misjudgment in the air can lead to fatal results. There is an annual Red Bull Cliff Diving competition that draws hundreds of spectators to the sites all around the world. The divers in this competition perform awe inspiring acrobatics and offer a great show for all to see.

So for the rest of us God fearing guys we can stick to regular skydiving, rock climbing with gear and aquatics and leave the insanely extreme sports to the pros.

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