Balance your Social and Dating Life

balance your social and dating lifeBalance your social and dating life. A relationship for many guys signifies the death of their social life as they know it. Many men will even shy away from entering a relationship due to the fear of losing their friends and their “manhood.” However the truth usually is just the opposite. Men that have a significant other tend to be more social and happier if they are in a positive relationship. Here are a few simple tips to balance your social and dating life.

Develop Trust

Trust is the key to any good relationship. If you have guys only activities such as sports or poker night make sure she understands that these times with your friends are important. Any right minded lady will have no problem with you carving out your man time. Plus it might be a good excuse for her to catch up with some of her girlfriends too.


Let her know what your plans are in advance. You don’t necessarily need to “check in” but it’s good to let her know if you have other plans coming up. If there is something she was hoping to do you can always come up with a solution and talk about it beforehand.

Party Together

More than likely you will end up going out together which if you are really into her chances are you wouldn’t want to go to many functions without her. Invite your friends along and all go out together.

Respect her Feelings

If you are choosing your bro’s over her all the time she is bound to be a little upset. If you find that you would rather spend time with them than her then maybe you should not be in a relationship in the first place. However if you are really into her respect her feelings and try to even out your time between her and your friends. Just because you will be carving out more time for her doesn’t mean your social life is over.

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