Anal Sex How to Bring up the Topic with Your Lady

How to Bring up the Topic of Anal Sex with Your LadyAnal sex is a taboo subject that most men have always dreamed of partaking in. The idea of getting your lady to bend over and give you free rain is inspiring to say the least. If you have always wanted to indulge in this most intimate sex act there are a few things you have to keep in mind before you go at it. Women are sensitive creatures and many of them don’t like to feel vulnerable in the manner that anal sex puts them in. In order to get what you want you have to be sly and persuasive. Consider how to guide your lady into anal sex.

Bring up the topic of anal sex with your lady

The first step is having a conversation.

Remember that women like to talk about their emotions and feelings and it is no different when it comes to sex. Ask her what bothers her about anal sex and what makes her uncomfortable about trying it. Does she have a problem with the sex you have now or the way you do things? Getting her to talk to you is the first step in opening her up to the idea. Once things are out in the open she will be less likely to resist the idea.

Next get her relaxed

Next, once she is open to the idea and has given you the go ahead your job is to get her relaxed enough to do it. The anus is naturally very tight and if she is nervous she will be even tighter. Set the scene and turn her on completely. Use soft music, costumes, porn or whatever gets her juices flowing and wait until the right moment. You want to make her beg for your  penetration even if it might be painful at first.

Next start teasing her anus.

After you’ve got her all ready to go your next goal should be to start teasing her anus. Don’t go straight for the kill with your penis. Get her used to the idea of anal penetration by using your fingers, and toys to rev her up. Let her get a feel of what it’s like to have an object up her rear end. Stimulating the anus is relatively easy if you’ve already got her vagina lubricated and ready to go. In fact, many women enjoy simultaneous stimulation of the anus and vagina.

Next make sure she is properly lubed

You’ve come this far there’s no going back now. It’s time to lube her up, with plenty of oil’s and lube, and slide in for the home run. The most difficult part will be getting past the sphincter. Once you are past this road block it will be smooth sailing. The sphincter works to keep out intrusive objects (like your penis) out and helps keep her happy and healthy. For this reason, anal sex can be extremely painful. Play your cards right by gently thrusting in and out of the inside of her anus with the tip of you penis. She will get accustomed to the sensation and relax enough for you to fully enter her.

Anal sex is tricky business, and if you want to ever do it again with your lady you have to be sensitive to her pain and promise her that even if it feels great for you, you won’t keep going if it’s too painful for her.

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