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Turn Her On Tips To Get Her In The Mood

Surprising Ways to Turn Her OnWomen are tricky creatures when trying to make love to your woman you have to know that special spot to turn her on. Women have been both mesmerizing and frustrating men for thousands of years, and it is no different today. However, over the years we may feel that we’ve narrowed down the likes and dislikes of our sexual counterparts. Unfortunately, they don’t always feel the same. In fact, many of them claim we are downright boring. But don’t lose hope brother, you can turn things around by figuring out some surprising ways you can use to turn her on. Scroll down to learn some surprising ways you can turn her on.

Surprising ways to turn her on

By Being Awkward

Sound strange? Well as it turns out women don’t particularly love a guy that follows the crowd. If you are your awkward self you may end up turning her on more than if you tried to be someone you aren’t. Obviously there is a fine line between awkward and creepy, so make sure you are staying on the winning side of that line. Women will find you more attractive and will be more turned on by you if you focus on being you first.

Do things around the house

If you are married or living with your girlfriend, then this might apply more to you than the single guys out there. If you see that the dishes need to be done, do them. If the trash needs to be taken out, take it out. If laundry needs to be done, do it. When you show her that you care and do your best to help her out you will also be turning her on. Women tout about how much they love a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty at home. Remember that women have to be turned on mentally before they have any real interest in the physical act.

Tease her

Women are the classic teasers in sexual relationships, but surprisingly they too like to be teased. It builds anticipation for the larger sexual act to come. As mentioned before, women need to be stimulated mentally before they can even begin to think about engaging in sex. You can tease her by whispering in her ear about what you want to do to her. Be descriptive and paint a picture of what you want. After you tell her what you want drop the subject. Go in the other room, busy yourself with another activity. We can assure you even though you are physically away from her she is still thinking about you.

Let your natural scent shine true

We aren’t giving you permission to stop showering completely. Instead, don’t drench yourself in cologne as soon as you come out of the shower. Let her smell your natural scent. It will turn her on subconsciously and provide you with confidence going into the bedroom.

Watching Lesbian porn

That’s right, there is one thing you two have in common. Most women ‘scientifically’, enjoy porn. Lesbian porn that is. Ask her what she thinks and if she is up for it turn on some girl on girl action and the rest will be history. Don’t be surprised the next time she asks you to turn on some lesbo porn before a bedroom session.

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