Jealousy and Relationships Tips On How To Fix It

Danger of Jealousy and RelationshipsJealousy and relationships is a lot of things to different people—some believe it signals true love, others see a lack of trust and possessiveness. Whatever it really is, jealousy and relationships usually have a negative outcome however endearing the gesture may seem at first. After time it only shows how untrusting and unstable you are towards your partner, who will eventually take offense and start to feel indifferent. Partners are supposed to be more trusting with one another as time goes by and not the other way around. With jealousy getting in the way it’s hard to maintain a healthy relationship. Here are some of the common reasons why jealousy and relationships are dangerous:

The danger of jealousy and relationships

1. It’s an indication of distrust.

Being jealous is natural and shows how deep you are emotionally invested in the relationship, but being overly jealous is not healthy. This is where the line of overwhelming feeling of care is drawn. It basically shows how untrusting you are becoming with your partner. And over time, this will cause indifference that may damage the relationship if not immediately correct. It is good to remember that being jealous is showing affection but too much of it can also hurt your significant other so it is best to always keep it in moderation. The only way you can do that is by trusting your partner, never ever go through their personal items including their email or phone.

2. Jealousy leads to controlling behavior.

Imagine a relationship that basically relies on how you want it to be. Definitely not a good scenario. It feels rigged, it feels faulty. And you will eventually get tired of it because it feels unreciprocated from your partner. A little freedom with how your partner wanted the relationship to work is more likely a real relationship. And the only way you can achieve that is by keeping your over-controlling self out of the way. Usually, this possessiveness is born out of jealousy. You may have reasons as to why you are being jealous but being in a relationship is an interaction. If you will always be jealous over the people your partner is mingling with on a daily basis, you might be taking the freedom that they significantly needs. This will eventually break a once healthy partnership so be very conscious on how you treat your partner.

3. Jealousy shows low self-esteem.

Each time you feel jealous, picture yourself feeling small with a bunch of other people in the life of your partner. You surely don’t want to be forever worried and insecure with these people, so start thinking more of yourself and giving it more credit. You surely have something that these people don’t have which is why your partner chose you over all these people.

Instead of throwing a jealousy act every time your partner is around other people, why not just be happy for how your partner is enjoying life? This will surely give your partner more reason to stay and be with you.

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