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How Facebook and Relationships Is Unhealthy

Facebook and Relationships

Ever since the invention of Facebook, Twitter and various other social networking sites our personal lives have become more public than ever. These sites are great for picture sharing, checking up on old friends and meeting new people however Facebook and relationships can be tricky. Lot’s of people are addicted to social media and can’t go a day with out login in that’s why Facebook and relationships can some time be bad for some people.

Facebook and relationships how unhealthy is it


When you start dating someone new that person has automatic access into your life history, friends and interests. Not only does she have access but so does all of her friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. First rule for using social media sites like facebook is to keep your relationship profile private. Second rule is to use your filter settings so any other people (i.e. friends with benefits that you never really ended things with) don’t see your new pictures and wall posts. Also make sure wall posts made by friends are approved by you first.

In a Relationship:

Once the dating has progressed into a relationship comes the next big step… changing your FB status. Don’t feel pressured into changing that “single on facebook” to “in a relationship.” If you want to avoid this altogether you can hide your status. That way your new significant other doesn’t feel like you’re still on the market but you don’t have to announce it to the world. Also remember to still have a life, stop “liking” everything your significant other posts and stop “checking in” everywhere with them. If you guys are an item most people will already assume you are at the same place. It’s also important to talk to your girlfriend about her Facebook behavior and let her know if you are uncomfortable with her sharing TMI. The most important rule of all, don’t share your password. It’s been reported that this is a trend among teenagers but just don’t do it.

Post Relationship: Facebook and relationships

Breaking up is hard to do and if your relationship doesn’t last it’s more publicized than ever. All your friends will get that “in a relationship” to “single” status change notification stamped on their page. So the best way to take care of it is the Band-Aid method. Just take it off asap and log off for a while if you don’t want people to question you. If you do remain FB friends with your ex resist the urge to check up on them. Just like in the real world you need to remove yourself to move on.

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