Female Anatomy all Men Should Know About

Five Things About the Female Anatomy all Men Should KnowThe female anatomy is as confusing as the female mind to many men. It can be difficult to understand how their bodies work simply because most of it takes place on the inside. We are outward creatures who display every emotion or physical sensation we have on the exterior of our bodies. But if you want to really understand what it takes to please a woman you need to know the facts about the female anatomy.

There are 5 things you should know but probably don’t about your girls body.

1. The clitoris is more than a piece of flesh.

Women have more nerve endings in this little numb of flesh than we do on the tip of our penis 4,000 more to be exact. This means that this seemingly small organ actually has the power to be twice as sensitive as the penis. Most of the clit is located deep inside a woman’s body reaching as far back as 4 inches and possibly connecting with the g-spot. The sensations that come from stimulating the clit send powerful surges of pleasure through her pelvic region due to the 15,000 other nerve ends it is connected to.

2. There is a female equivalent to blue balls.

You probably don’t realize this but when a woman doesn’t get off after extreme arousal she can experience something called Vasoconstriction which means her body didn’t get the release it was looking for and now she is in pain. The idea that men only feel blue balls is because men are the only ones who talk about it.

3. The Vulva is an important part of the female anatomy.

The vulva is actually connected to the clitoris and extends downward on the outside of her lips. This area is extremely sensitive and should be gently rubbed and stroked during sex for complete satisfaction. It’s easy to jump straight to the main event as men but women have some many other erroneous areas that need stimulating for complete satisfaction.

4. The breasts do as much for women as they do for men.

During sex the act of rubbing licking, touching, and grabbing the breasts is a real turn on for many women. The next time you think breasts only increase your pleasure remember that they can create an amazing sensation for her if you know what you are doing. Your touch should be based on what makes her feel good. We are fairly confident that no matter what you do you will be turned on by her breasts.

5. The anus can create plenty of pleasure for a woman. Even if she is hesitant to get down and dirty you should still suggest the idea. At first anal sex can be painful but in the end over time it can actually be very pleasurable if done correctly. Use plenty of lube to start with and work your way up to the big show. She will be happy you suggested it.

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