Sex Myths That are Healthy And Should Not Ignore

Healthy Sex Myths to IgnoreWhen you think of a healthy sex life with your girlfriend or wife you probably think of a few common sex myths that it seems everyone has. From the frequency of your sex life to the way in which it starts, “healthy sex" is greatly subjective.

Take a look at these 3 healthy sex myths to ignore and why they aren’t true.

“Healthy Sex” Myth #1: It’s Not Fantastic Unless it’s Spontaneous

Why it Isn’t True: There is something to be said about spontaneous sex that increases the pleasure for both parties, but the idea that spontaneous sex is the best kind of sex is wrong. Planned and “penciled in” sex can be just as fantastic as spontaneous sex because of the anticipation that builds when both of you know about the pleasure that is on the horizon. Additionally, relying on spontaneous sex to get the most enjoyment is a task that could cause a great deal of dry spells for you and your partner because the fact is that spontaneity is unpredictable.

“Healthy Sex” Myth #2: A Healthy Sex Life is Having Sex Every Day

Why it Isn’t True: Sure, having sex every day is the best way to continuously reconnect with your partner and enjoy their body, but let’s face it… with busy lives sex every day just isn’t in the cards. A healthy sex life for each couple doesn’t rely on a certain amount of sex each week, but rather the level of connection created when the couple does have sex. One truly spectacular round of sex a week that expresses your love for each other is infinitely better than seven rounds of so-so sex during the week where you are both rushed and more concerned with your own pleasure than each other’s.

“Healthy Sex” Myth #3: Slow and Romantic Sex is the Better

Why it Isn’t True: Sex is sex whether it is fast and hot or slow and romantic as long as it means something at the end of the day. Slow and romantic is all about celebrating each other’s bodies and immersing yourself in the other person which can be a true eye opener. However, fast and hot sex allows you and your wife/ girlfriend to experience a level of passion and sexuality that “Slow and Romantic” may not achieve.

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