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How to Date a Career Minded Woman

Tips on How to Woo a Career Minded WomanIn today’s world women make up 47% of the workforce and many of those women have busy lives, So how do you date a career minded woman that often unable or unwilling to start up a relationship until later on in life. For a man who has his heart set on wooing a woman like that the challenge can be daunting, but it isn’t impossible. Take a look at these tips that will make it easier to woo a career minded  woman.

Tips on how to woo a career minded woman

Wooing a career minded woman is all about paying attention to her career minded side as much as her womanly side.

Approach Her Without Sex on the Mind

Sure, you see a beautiful woman and sex is going to of course be center stage for a while, but if you want to woo her (past the possible “one night stand” outcome) you need to take sex out of the equation at least in the beginning. A career minded woman is centered not only on the present, but on the future as well and when she considers being with someone it is going to be someone that she’s found a connection with beyond the physical. So, challenge her mind and engage her in conversation that helps to establish a connection that centers her attention on you rather than those legal briefings she has yet to finish or that business meeting she should be resting up for in the morning.

Lend Her an Ear to Help De-Stress

Business oriented women just like any other type of women are always looking for someone who is just willing to listen to them about their problems at work, their goals for the future, etc. Being someone who can provide her with a simple, non-judgmental outlet for her frustrations and worries when it comes to her career can help you to woo her in subtle ways that will give you a leg up on the competition.

Be a Nerd and Help the Businesswoman Side of Her

A career minded woman is focused on her work and by offering her help with it you can be the access she needs to make her life easier, her work more successful and her heart more susceptible to your particular charms. Use the tools and skills you have to make it happen; if you are computer savvy fix the computer she’s been complaining about for the last few days or if she is always late for work due to traffic tell her about that traffic app that can help her avoid problems on the way to work.

Keep Her Business Schedule in Mind

If she’s got an early morning meeting with a client don’t try to wheedle more time with her by tempting her to watch that new episode of her favorite show at 11pm the night before. By keeping her schedule in mind and helping her adhere to it you can be that solid force that makes it possible for her to be successful and achieve the new promotion that she’s been working towards. She will love you for it and thank you in fun and pleasurable ways both big and small.

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