Inexpensive Date Ideas That She Will Love

Inexpensive Date IdeasDating on a budget can be a real set back when you are trying to woo a new lady in your life. But there are plenty of inexpensive date ideas that can make you look romantic and thoughtful and not like a cheapskate.

Inexpensive date ideas

• In home couples massage

If you think a couples massage is totally out of your price range think again it is one of our inexpensive date ideas. If you are lucky enough to have a massage school in your local area most masseuses-in-training have to log a certain amount of time before they can get certified and this means you can pick up a massage for usually less than $50 a person, score!

• Go for a Scenic Picnic

This might sound cliché or really cheesy but a picnic is a great way to explore a local park or outdoor place and skip out on a fancy restaurant bill. Go to the store and stock up on all kinds of picnic foods like hummus, crackers, olives and cured meat and spread-out on a blanket with a bottle of wine. This will get you serious romance points while saving you a few bucks.

• Have a beach day

If you live near a beach pack up and head out to catch some fun in the sun. This is a great excuse to pack a cooler full of goods and even your favorite cocktail blend in a thermos and enjoy your hottie in her cute bikini. Talk about a win-win.

• Go to a museum or local exhibit

Head out to your local museum or seasonal exhibit. Not only will you save some cash but this also makes you look cultured and interesting and chicks are totally into that. Also if you head out during the day and still want to stop by a restaurant most lunch menus have reduced prices from their dinner menus so you can still save money while out on the town.

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