How to Know if Someone is Flirting with You

How to Know if She is Flirting with YouSome guys are just masterful when it comes to women while others are just clods. If you’re somewhere in between those two extremes and still looking for clues, here are some clear signs she’s flirting with you.

How to know if she’s flirting with you

She Walks By Again…and Again

You see her walk by you. Then you see her again and she’s making eye contact. Then you see her one more time. Unless she’s one of the wait staff and has a tray in her hand, she’s trying to get you to notice her. The next move is yours because while she’s telling you she wants your attention, she’s probably going to make you work for it just a little.

Hair twirl

This is typically and unconscious indication that she’s into you. She’s twirl a curl around her finger or she’s push her hair back behind her ears. Either way she’s giving you the OK to keep the conversation going.

Lip Attention

A woman’s mouth is incredibly seductive. Ask any man who’s ever watched a woman suck a lollipop. Some of the more subtle but effective flirting signals are using a straw with her cocktail instead of just sipping from the glass. She’ll run her finger across or around her lips. She may even apply lip gloss and gently press her lips together every once in a while. Remember, they are powerful flirting tools that she can use whenever and however she likes.

Alone Time

If she asks for your help in the kitchen or suggests you move outside to the balcony, there’s a pretty good chance she’s trying to get you alone. She’s interested in getting to know you one-on-one. Men do it too but when women give the signal, it’s even more intriguing. If you’re open to it, find a nice quiet spot and enjoy.


If you play close attention, you’ll realize that she’s shadowing your movements. She may hold her drink the same way you do or even match her body to complement yours. Most women don’t do this on purpose as people who find another attractive will align their movements to match the object of their infatuation.

Touching You

She’s talking to you and touches your forearm. At first you ignore it but then she does it again, this time for a little longer. Finding excuses to make physical contact with you is a clear sign that she’s flirting with you. If you feel the same, find a subtle way to reciprocate and see where it leads.

The great thing about flirting is that it’s pure fun. It doesn’t have to lead to anything serious but if it’s more than just an innocent ego booster, then take a chance and see something more may be possible.

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