Lies all Men Tell Women According To The Expert

Lies all Men Tell WomenHonesty is the best policy… well most of the time. There are common white lies all men tell women from time to time or should learn to tell to keep the peace. We’re not advocating becoming a compulsive liar however certain twists of the truth can help keep your lady happy and your relationship off the rocks.

• No that doesn’t make you look fat

This is a trick question and there is no right answer the best way to navigate around it is to just reassure her that she is beautiful no matter what she wears now that's another lies all men tell women to make them feel good. If it really is not a flattering outfit maybe suggest she wear your favorite dress.

• I love spending time with your mom.

When it comes to the mother in law no matter how great she is there are many other people you would rather hang with. It’s better to keep this to yourself than share aloud. Trust us on this one!

• Let’s just cuddle

We like to cuddle as long as it leads to sex or is just after sex.

• I don’t like going to strip clubs

As men we are primal beings and naked women dancing on a stage and lap dances are a preferred method of entertainment. One thing women don’t realize is that’s all it is: entertainment.

• We’ll talk about it later

This is a great diversion tactic to calm down an argument. For most women the thought of meaningful resolution at a later time can prevent escalation. Just be careful to not overuse it.

• I don’t think about other women

Circling back to the primal our primal nature as men. We like sex and we think about it often and sometimes other woman can costar in those thoughts. It’s not that we love our woman any less that’s just how we tick. So if you find yourself saying these same fibs it’s not that you’re lying you are just simply optimizing your truth management skills.

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