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Sex Lies All Women Tell to Men In Bed

Sex Lies All Women Tell to MenThere are certain rules in our society that all women feel compelled to follow like sex lies. They don’t want to hurt your feelings or look like loose women, and so they lie. They lie a lot actually. As men it is impossible to know the truth if you have no knowledge of how the female brain works or even how the pressures of society work. But there are certain sex lies that studies have proved that all women tell. To fill you in on the most common lies scroll down and read our list.

Sex lies women tell men

That she had an orgasm

One of the biggest sex lies women tell is about having an orgasm about 80 percent of the time, according to a study published by the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Women often lie about orgasms by making loud screaming noises or even by giving instructions to where it feels good. Once they believe you believe it feels good they go for Oscar gold and make you believe they’ve climaxed.

The Number of men she’s been with

According to the Journal of Sex Research, women are more inclined than men to lie about the number of people they have been with. Women are afraid to look like they are promiscuous and don’t want a bad rap with a man they might actually care about. Instead of looking slutty they try to hold their ground by making up lies about the amount of men they’re slept with. If you want to know the truth you are probably going to have to wait until she is comfortable with you in the relationship. Or conversely, if she isn’t afraid to tell you she’s been with 10 men then you can pretty much be sure that she is the promiscuous type.

She doesn’t like to go down on you

When given a lie detector test 3 women in their twenties and in their thirties were asked if they liked giving a blow job to a guy. One answered Yes and two answered No. The ones that answered No were lying, and the one who answered Yes was telling the truth. What can you learn from this? Well the fact is most women actually do like going down on you. That doesn’t mean that every girl does, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should take it for granted that all women enjoy it. It simply means that most women are lying when they say they don’t like giving you head.

She dislikes booty calls

The same lie detector test given to the women above were asked if they liked being a booty call. One answered Yes, and the other two answered No. Once again the one who said yes was telling the truth while the other two were lying. It seems as though even though women don’t want to be treated like prostitutes they actually do love the idea of being desired.

When a man hits a woman up for a booty call it means that she is desirable even if only for one night. The fact is men shouldn’t treat women poorly but women should also stop lying to themselves about getting attention. We know women like attention and when we tell a woman she is beautiful and that we want her, chances are she will respond favorably.

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