Losing Sexual Interest in Your Relationship?

Losing Sexual Interest in Your Relationship?When you think about it, it’s kind of ridiculous that men are expected to be “ready to go” for sex any and every time the opportunity strikes. It’s like telling Tom Brady he’d better be ready to throw a touchdown any time a random fan walks up to him with a football. Sex, like anything else worth doing well, takes a little bit of focus and if you can’t quiet your mind from the rest of your work and responsibilities sex becomes a chore rather than an enjoyable activity. If you find yourself losing sexual interest there can be several reasons why and several ways to fix it.

Tips to spice things up if you find yourself losing sexual interest

The answer is actually easier than you think – and it will earn you some bonus points with your partner at the same time. Make sure foreplay is a two-person game. You’ll be surprised how quickly your partner will likely jump at the chance to take turns at massage or share in whispering erotic secrets to each other. If you’re not well versed in foreplay here are a few fail save moves that will peak her interest without turning her off.

Start Foreplay Early

If you find yourself losing sexual interest it’s time to trick your mind and keep sex on the brain a little more. Use foreplay as a guide to get both of you in the mood and ready to get down. You don’t have to wait until you’re in bed and getting tired to start foreplay. Find sweet ways to touch her sides, the small of her back or hold her from behind. If you’re out on a date sit closely and caress her thighs.

Take your Time

If you rush through foreplay it won’t give her the opportunity to fully immerse in the act. If you really want her sexual desires to flow you have to allow her mind to take her to that sexy place.

Slow and Sensual Kissing

Kiss her from her neck all the way down south. The slower you make your way down the more she will crave to feel your touch and can’t wait for you to slider her panties down.

Probably the most important advice to avoid losing sexual interest is to not over complicate things. It can be anything that immerses your mind in the moment and allows your body and brain to both rev up to the idea of a sexual encounter. You’ll find that the experience itself is also heightened by building up a little healthy anticipation and you’ll be conditioning yourself to feel more amorous on future occasions. Not bad for a few minutes of tantalizing fun.

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