Stay At Home Date Ideas For Couples

Planning the Perfect at Home Date You don't have to go out on the town to have a super enjoyable date night. Since most of us have been staying at home for the last few months due to COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic you might be yearning for a date to breath some romance into your love life. Look no further than these romantic ideas for the home that can result in a memorable evening.

Here are a few of the best ways to enjoy the perfect at home date.

Candle lit dinner

Obviously a candle lit dinner is a romantic way to go. Break out the linen table cloth, the candles, and the crystal stemware. Don't forget to dress up like you're going out on the town, it's probably been awhile since she has put on her heels. Get a bottle of red, make a resturant level dish, or get take out from your favorite spot. She'll rave about you to all her girlfriends.

Movie Marathon

If you want something a little less formal, but more fun and comfortable, try a movie marathon. Pick a few movies you both love (or maybe ones that each of you has been dying for the other one to see), make a mountain of popcorn, get into your pjs, and snuggle while quoting your favorite lines as they are said on the screen.

Dance the Night Away

Do you both enjoy dancing and miss the club? It's time to push back the furniture. Have a fun hour picking out the perfect playlist. Get the drinks and snacks ready to go then dance till you drop, pick yourselves up, and dance some more.

Mix Drink Recipe Date

It's time to hit up your own home bar and do some experimenting. Break out your bartender's bible (or a mixed drinks app), and try some cocktails you've never had before. You'll even have fun making the ones you can't force yourselves to drink. This is also a great prelude to the dancing date. Just don't have too many cocktails before the dancing starts.

Board Game Time

Don't underestimate the power of board games. There's something about playing some of your favorite games together that works as a great boding experience. It can be a great change from the ordinary dinner and a movie date.

Build a fort

No, not like you did with your siblings when you were kids. Put up a canopy over the bed. Bring your meal and drinks in there. Play some soft music. Forget about just having an at home date. Spend the entire date in bed.

Cook together

Finally, when it comes to doing things together, cooking can be a great experience. Enjoy the fruits of your shared labors with some bubbly.

You don't have to go out to have a great night, and you don't have to spend a ton of cash either. These dates can even work for a couple with kids if you can get a sitter.

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