Using Condoms - Why Responsibility is Sexy

condomsHave you ever thought about how important 30 seconds can be? It’s enough time to overcook a steak, get pulled over for running a red light, or practice safe sex. Yup – that’s right, we’re talking about condoms, people. And before you roll your eyes and start thinking about 7th grade health class, just keep mind that smart decision-making can actually improve your sex life.

Why condoms is sexy?

Male or female, the truth is, working to prevent disease and unplanned pregnancy shows your partner that you care about their safety and comfort. And if you’re a creative shopper, condoms can also be a fun way to show off your wild side.

Go for glow in the dark

Try something with a tingly lubricant. Sample something with a ribbed or textured design. There are even flavored varieties to suit your fancy. No matter which option you choose, you’re showing that safety can indeed be fun and sex can be exciting and worry-free.

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