How to Survive a Argument with Your Woman

Simple Rules to Help You Survive a Argument with a WomanFor men an argument with a woman in their life can be about the more logical, rational part of the argument, but for women there is an emotional part that can make the argument a mind field of doing and saying the wrong thing.

To survive fight, or an argument men must follow a few simple rules.

Avoid the Blame Game

An argument filled with “I’m right and your wrong” isn’t likely to get you anywhere, but a lot closer to knock-down drag-out fight that could leave both of you in a bad place and her in tears. Forget trying to assign blame and instead try to talk rationally about the problem while listening to her side of the story after she has listened to yours. You will save yourself a lot of hassle by resolving the problem before it escalates into world war 3.

Keep Your Temper in Check

The word fight brings to mind an all out brawl where words are slung like weapons and things are said in the heat of the moment that you may not be able to take back when all is said and done. Letting your temper fly can make things worse; lower your voice, keep your words as honest and straightforward as possible, avoid aggressive body language and don’t talk over her (or let her do the same.)

Don’t Forget that You Love Each Other

Sometimes when couples fight they can get lost in the fight forget that they love each other, making what could have been a simple argument about who paid the utility bill into an all out war against your “enemy.” Keep the fact that you are in love in your mind at all times and it can help to keep everything into perspective no matter how hard the argument may be.

Never Go to Bed Angry

It’s a common saying that therapists, counselors and parents alike preach to couples, but many couples leave their argument unresolved through the night, letting is fester and grow into a larger problem than it ever would have been if it was resolved before going to be. Even if it takes a while, talk about it and resolve the problem so that when you go to bed you are wrapped up in each others’ arms and ready to face another day together.

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