Penile Enhancement Procedures Do They Work?

The Deal on Penile Enhancement Procedures and ProductsFor most men the size of their penis can either be a large ego boost or a constant sign of inadequacy. Having a small penis can lead to problems in the bedroom, issues with self-esteem and damage or even hinder romantic relationships due to feeling embarrassed or the partner showing a loss of desire with the size of the man’s penis. In today’s world with science and medical knowledge growing every day there are many penile enhancement procedures and products available to help regain confidence in both the bedroom and in life.

Penile enhancement procedures and products

Penile enhancement procedures and products aren’t for every man; they do come with risks and they may not even work at all. There are two different categories for male penis enlargement: products (i.e. pills, lotions, vacuum pumps, exercises, etc.) and procedures (i.e. phalloplasty or penile enlargement surgery.)

Do they really work?

Male penis enlargement products have flooded the market for years talking about how they can increase penis size and girth in no time at all, but sadly there have been no studies found one way or the other that anything but phalloplasty has an improved effect on the length and girth of the penis. Many male penis enlargement products claim to have “scientific research” to back up their claims, but if you were to look closely on the packaging you’d see a warning or disclaimer that the product hasn’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These kinds of products, especially the pills, can have risky side effects and can be costly with no measurable difference in penis size, length or girth.


For penile enhancement procedures (i.e. phalloplasty or penile enlargement surgery) there is a noted and documented improvement in penis length and girth, however the procedure can be risky, costly and still leave men unhappy with the size of their penis. A phalloplasty can add both girth to the penis as well as lengthen it, but with any surgery there is the risk for medical issues such as infection, scarring and loss of sensation in the penile area. Penile enhancement procedures can be very costly, going from around $4500 (either adding lengthen or girth) and around $8000 (adding both length and girth.)

Men considering penile enhancement procedures and products should weigh their options wisely. There is inherent risks, costs and the chance of going through everything and still not being satisfied with the length and girth of the penis. So it is best to take some time to think on whether one of the penis enlargement procedures or products is the right choice or not.

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