How To Be Good in Bed And Satisfy Her

Traits that Make You Good in BedEvery man dreams is to be good in bed and be the best stud she’s ever had but what separates the ok guys in the sack from the Super Bowl champs? Well, as with many other things in the bedroom women are looking more at your emotional traits than precisely what you do in the bedroom.

If you want to become a God in bed against mere mortals then consider six traits that make you good in bed.

You are confident

Confidence drives a woman wild and if she feels that you are self-conscious in the bedroom chances are she is not going to be confident in letting you in it. How can you overcome low self-esteem? Well the first thing you need to do is stop thinking negatively about your abilities. Replace your negative self talk with a positive dialogue. Once she sees that you are confident and that you hold yourself differently she will know that you are good in bed.

You listen to her

Any guy can pound away thinking that she is completely satisfied, but in reality if it isn’t what she likes you will not be good in bed. Every woman’s body is different and every female responds differently to touch and pressure. This means that you need to listen to what she likes and what she doesn’t like and adjust your movements in accordance. Listen when she says, slowdown, and always ask her if what you are doing feels good. Women continually say that this is their number one most important trait in any lover.

You are adventurous

Even your best moves can get redundant after months or even years of using them over and over again. But if you are adventurous and are willing to spice things up you will definitely please your partner. If you can set limits on what you are both comfortable with then move from there to choose virtually anyone position, then you are good in bed.

You focus on her desires

Generally, it is not difficult at all for men to enjoy themselves in the bedroom so the focus should be on her and what she wants. A man that is good in the bedroom will put her needs first because he realizes that is the key to true success in a sexual relationship. Do what makes her feel good and you both will enjoy the ride.

You are comfortable with feedback

What makes a man a man is his understanding that there is always room for improvement and progress, and this even applies to the bedroom. If you can take feedback and constructive criticism from her in the bedroom then you’re definitely a good lover.

You make sex an event

If you are good in bed and you treat sex as an event. You work hard to eliminate any distractions that may downplay how important that moment is between both of you. Women love a man who takes charge in the bedroom and makes sure that she is fully in the present with him.

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