Men Women Love and How to be Them

Types of Men Women Love and How to be ThemFor most men it can be a little hard to figure out what men women love, let alone what type of man they are actually looking for. If you’ve found yourself floundering, trying to understand how to be the man of a certain woman’s dreams take a look at these 3 types of men women love and learn just how to become that type of man for her.

The Type: The Casanova

How many times have you seen a so-so looking guy with a hot woman on his arm and thought how does he do it? Well, it just might be his confidence and his skills in wooing a woman into his bed. The Casanova type has always played a major role in a woman’s dreams of the ideal man and if you play your cards right you could reel in a woman light years out of your league with just a suave, debonair attitude and some above average skills in the bedroom.

How to Do It:

First, take the time to do a little private pep talk and recognize that you are a great guy with the intelligence, charisma and bedroom skills to sweep her off her feet. Second, go in strong and woo her with sweet words, teasing touches and a semi-forceful “take no prisoners” attitude. Third, and last, when you get to the bedroom focus on her first and make sure that she achieves an orgasm at least once before you even attempt to get yours. You’ll be surprised at how quickly she will fall at your feet in a melted puddle of goo.

The Type: The Professor

There is a certain indefinate appeal for women in a man who is intelligent, bookish and yet still undeniably a man. From studious Professor Indiana Jones to the charming Professor on Gillian’s Island, the professor type will always hold a special place in every woman’s heart.

How to Do It:

One of the most surefire ways to make this happen is by getting your geek on. Read up on classic literature, popular bestsellers and get well-versed in current events from science breakthroughs to recent sociological/political developments. Feel free to let your intelligence shine through and don’t just engage her in small talk, talk to her about something real whether it is recent developments in the field of science to the tension in North Korea. Engage her mind first and you’ll get her excited for the most when you engage her body later on.

The Type: The Action Hero

Let’s face it, women flock towards the men that just exude rugged manliness, sexual dominance and a certain hero streak. Whether it is saving her from tripping in a crowded bar by smoothly catching her before the fall to taking control in the bedroom and using your strength in a way that excites her, the “action hero” type is one that every woman desires even for just a little while.

How to Do It:

Become her unsung action hero by offering her a helping hand when she gets out of a car or helping her out with a last minute project at work that is stressing her out. Do anything and everything to show her that you can be the type of man that she can lean on when she needs you most whether it is saving her from a real threat or just a minor annoyance. Additionally, in the bedroom take a little control and show her how amazing it can be to let you call all the shots, from playfully tying her up to picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom over your shoulder like a true caveman would.

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