How to Start a Fitness Routine and Stick with It

how to start a fitness routine

You know that exercising regularly will improve your quality of life and decrease your risk for health problems. But, even with the research in front of you, it’s tough to start a fitness routine. The numerous benefits of working out don’t change the fact that finding the time (and, more importantly, the motivation) to exercise […]

Get results with a home fitness personal trainer

at home personal fitness trainer

Get results with a home fitness personal trainer. In the 21st century, the importance of a home fitness personal trainer is increasing. With all the technological distractions and a fast-paced lifestyle, many people have neglected their health. That’s where a personal trainer that you can use your technology-driven life and connect virtually with comes in […]

Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

The 11 Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

11 Kick ass fitness tips for men for to take your exercise game to a new level. While you are dedicated to your routine exercise is that enough? Motivation is an important factor, but finding and using the right advice will get you started and keep you going for the long term. From beginners to […]

Lost your Fitness Motivation How To Overcome it


If you have recently started on a journey of fitness transformation and have lost your fitness motivation is a common problem. In fact, even the seasoned exercisers go through this phase. But if you want to remain fit throughout the year discipline is the key. However, when you have lost your fitness motivation is a […]

Fitness Vacation Perfect Winter Resorts

Winter Resorts Perfect for a Fitness Vacation

A fitness vacation isn’t for everybody. However, if you’re one of those people who consider a physical challenge a must then a one of these winter destinations may be just what you’re looking for. There are countless fitness vacation options all over the globe giving you a wealth of fitness options. Options from scuba diving to rock […]

Dr. Life a Guide for Men’s Health and Fitness Longevity

The Plan By Dr. Life

Dr. Life is a true life inspiration and his book the “The Plan” has got many people thinking about aging in a whole new way. Now, what’s your favorite excuse when it comes to neglecting your workout plan? One of the all-time most popular is “not enough time.” Let’s pretend for a second that’s really […]

The 30 day Squat Challenge: Workout Program

The 30 day Squat Challenge

It seems that the 30 day squat challenge that was released by Tribesports continues to get positive reviews from many different kinds of fitness people ranging from the average jogger to the serious marathon runner. We will briefly be looking at the breakdown of this challenge, why and how it works. Can you do the […]

5 Fitness Results Tips for a Better Workout

Work it Out: 5 Tips for Better Fitness Results

5 Tips for better fitness results. The act of being fit involves a large variety of workouts, lifestyle changes and mental discipline that can either bring  fitness results or fizzle out. For many men being physically fit can add a sense of stability to their mental health, giving them an outlet for the daily stress […]

Pyramid Workout For Weight Loss Challenge

Keys to A Successful Pyramid Workout Challenge

The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge. Pyramid workout routine designed to allow the exerciser to perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions then working their way in the number of reps to one. The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge A basic and effective workout used to challenge the user […]

Cold Weather Fitness Workout Plans Training Tips

Committed to Your Fitness Plans In The Cold

Unless you happen to live somewhere without seasons we’re looking at you, Miami guys—winter can get chilly. Our primitive, basic response to a chill in the air is to hunker down into a pile of blankets, watch the game, and have some soup, sticking to your fitness workout plans is the last thing on your […]

Heart Rate Monitors to Enhance your Level of Fitness

Heart rate monitors can be an invaluable tool for athletes. A quality heart rate monitor can accurately gauge the intensity of your workouts. Having this simple tool can help you understand how effective they are and how much progress you’re making. In order for your workouts to be effective, you have to continually challenge yourself. […]

Reasons Why Muscle Flexibility is Important

Muscle Flexibility

Have you always been secretly envious of people who can bend here and there like it’s a walk in the park every time? Or is muscle flexibility simply something that you think you’ve been (like many of us are guilty of) overlooking in your workout routine?  Well, the fact that you’re taking an interest in your […]

Best Kettlebell Workout Routine at Home

Full Body at Home Kettlebell Workout Routine

Kettlebells don’t get nearly as much love as they deserve. If you walk into most gyms today, you’ll probably see these poor things lying around in the corner with dust and spider webs covering them. But, the truth is, kettlebells are a fantastic piece of equipment, and you can use them in many ways to […]

Men over 40 Workout Routine: 7 Best Exercises To get Fit

Balanced Weight Training for Men over 40

The saying, you are never too old to start an exercise routine, is true for weight training for men over 40. Many individuals have learned that weight training has benefited them in many ways such as boosting their metabolism rate, preventing muscle loss generally associated with inactivity, and increasing bone density and muscle mass.Men today […]

Best Lower Body Workout For Tall Guys

Lower Body Workouts for Tall Guys

Finding the best lower body workout for guys when you are tall is a challenge in and of itself. Let’s face it the benefits of being tall far outweigh the downsides however when it comes to lifting weights the typical advice doesn’t always apply. While longer arms and legs can help you beat the shorter […]

Best Warm Up Exercises to Avoid Injury Post Workout

The Best Warmup Exercises: to Avoid Injury when Workout

Warm Up exercises are often skipped and overlooked by a vast majority who think it’s just a waste of time. However, what most people don’t realize is that for a safer workout and more optimized performance, warmup exercises are crucial. It’s a simple equation if you don’t want injuries then don’t skip your warm-up routine. […]

Beginner Powerlifting Guide For the Average Man

Powerlifting: The Beginner's Guide For An Average Man

Powerlifting is not just a regular workout. It is, in fact, a power sport which comprises mainly on three different exercises: squat, bench press, and deadlift. In professional lifting the competitor attempts to lift the max weight in a single lift with the barbell which is stacked with weight plates. However, nowadays it is no […]

Trekking destinations you can’t miss

Trekking man

Trekking moutains is undoubtedly one of the best ways to test your body’s stamina and endurance. It is not only one of the best form of physical workout, but, it gives your mind and body a fun-filled joy. Thus, one will only cherish these adventures in the coming times. Trekking or hiking as it is […]

6 Best Muay Thai Training Moves For Beginner’s

Muay Thai Cardio Workout

Did you know Muay Thai fighting comes wrapped with multiple benefits for your heart? The Muay Thai training can beat all your cardio workouts, CrossFit workouts, or HIIT personal workouts. The Muay Thai history dates back centuries ago, and it is also the national sport of Thailand. People of Thailand have been practicing this super […]

How to Use a Foam Roller to Relax Muscles

Foam Roller Exercises

A workout with a foam roller? We are sure you may have never imagined this! But doing foam roller exercises can be an exciting way of exercising. There are also several effective ways to use a foam roller to relax muscles when the tightness starts hindering your workout sessions. It is moreover a great tool […]

TRX Full Body Burn Workout Anyone Can Do

TRX Move

If you are looking for a variety in your exercise regime, while craving a trx full body burn, TRX Suspension Trainers might be your answer! In fact, TRX training or total-body resistance exercise has been used by many in their fitness journey; and eventually, the results have been amazing, to say the least. TRX primary […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder How To Tell If You Have It

seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a depression type that strikes you every year around a similar time. It generally follows a seasonal pattern. You can experience this beginning and ending with a change in seasons every year. However, just like normal depression it feeds on all of your energy and makes you sensitive to even […]

Tattoo Sleeve On Men Dream Or Nightmare?

tattoo man

A full tattoo sleeve is a fascinating thought when you want to look trendy and modern, but it is also a serious commitment. Apart from committing your time it also demands a serious financial commitment and it is a permanent design. Getting a tattoo sleeve means covering almost your entire arm with elaborate artwork from […]

Rock climbing gear Every Climber should have

A professional trying rock climbing

Rock climbing is surely not an activity that everybody can indulge in. However, with more and more people taking an interest to explore the terrain around them, there is an increase in interest in the sport of rock climbing. Whether you are either a rock-climbing kind of person or you are not or ‘testing the […]

Muscle Strain: Symptoms What you need to know

A man dealing with muscle strain and sore muscles

Overlifting during your workout routine or placing immense pressure while performing a movement can lead to muscle strain. While sore muscles happen when you carry out a new workout or engage in powerful exercise for a more extended period. It is important to know the difference between no pain, no gain, and just plain pain. […]

Best Crossfit Workout Training Shoes For Men

Crossfit shoes for the workout

When it comes to the CrossFit Workout, proper CrossFit shoes matter! With that said we have compiled our top picks of Crossfit shoes for you to make it through that tough workout. All of these shoes on our list, are a perfect fit and let you smoothly glide through various exercises targeting different body areas. […]

Best Workout Songs from the Michael B Jordan Playlist

Workout Songs

To be motivated to build that greek god-like bod like Michael B. Jordan you surely need access to his workout songs. He overall stunned everybody with his ripped look for Creed-2, and that came with pushing himself to extreme limits. Moreover, the actor is not new to the gym scene, and most guys look up […]

5 Reasons for running a marathon

marathon running

Did you know that running a marathon not only makes you exceptionally fit but also makes you aware of your social responsibility? Marathon running comes with its own perks and has a more significant positive impact on your body. It is important for your first one to train with someone who has experience or a […]

Inspiring Before and After Weight Loss Stories

before and after

Every now and then, we come across some amazing before and after weight loss stories that leave us both baffled and inspired. These stories are not just a small dip on the scale but massive, jaw-dropping transformations. These before and after success stories help us push the boundaries and limitations of our bodies. Also, it […]

Having Weight Gain Struggle How To Cope Mentally

how to gain weight quickly

While so many are trying to lose weight, some guys end up with a weight gain struggle no matter what they try. Losing weight is not always a concern for everybody sometimes gaining weight is. Instead, when you want the right shape or want to bulk up, weight gain and muscle gain is essential. And, […]

How To Find a Good Gym Trainer What to look for in one

How To Find a Good Gym Trainer - What to look for in one

A gym trainer can help you overcome the fear of intimidating workouts or other factors that prevent you from going to the gym. In fact, their constant motivation and endless guidance can have an amazing effect and help you achieve consistent progress. Leading to a better body and an improved quality of life. The right […]

Best Big Chest Workout Routine Exercises Training

Big Chest Workouts to slay this year

Our selection of a few big chest workout is here to further help you get massive gains. Firstly, to build a bigger and better chest start focusing on not-so-boring exercises. A big chest not only improves your posture but also adds more height to your chest and make you look taller. The key to making […]

Aerial Yoga and The Benefits Why You Should Try It

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Why You Should Try It

Ever heard of Aerial Yoga and the benefits? Do the large strips of fabric supporting a person while he does impossible looking poses sounds familiar to you? If yes, you are right! That is aerial yoga, a variation of the traditional type of yoga. Fabric hammocks are suspended from the ceilings which can support over […]

Sleepless Nights: How to Overcome Them

Top Causes of Sleepless Nights and How to Overcome Them

Sleepless nights can be one of the most frustrating things you can have as an adult. Imagine slogging through the day at work. Then you come home beat and tired, only to stare at the ceiling trying to manifest sleep. Even a day of disturbed or no sleep can leave you strained and grumpy for the entire […]

Best Leg Workouts Exercise To Pump Up Legs Day

Leg Workouts to Pump Up Legs Day

How many leg workouts do you have every week? If you answered one, then you’re like most people. And like most people, you’re selling yourself short. The truth is, no matter how good your program is, if you’re only training a muscle group once per week, you’re not getting the most out of your workouts. […]

Best Beach Workout Routine For The Summer

Work the Beach with a Full Body Beach Workout

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach or get to visit often a beach workout is a fun way to work up a sweat. It’s also a great way to enjoy nature and relax your mind from the busy monotonous office or indoor scenery. Every summer  for those with warm weather we welcome […]

Potato Diet To Jump Start Your Weight Loss Program

How to Lose Weight with the Potato Diet

The Potato Diet has been turning a lot of heads. Seeing as though us men are crazy food lovers, keeping our hands off those tasty treats can be quite the task. However, many of us are immensely concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well. As they say, you must give up on something to gain something. Thus, diet […]

Burpees Workout the Ultimate Training Exercise

Burpees The Ultimate Exercise

The good old burpees is an amazing exercise that incorporates full body movement and it comes as no surprise that it is widely used in several different athletic disciplines throughout the sports world. You will hardly find any professional or elite training that doesn’t use this simple aerobic exercise to increase both strength and cardiovascular […]

Water Bag Exercises for a Total Body Workout

Water Bag Exercises for a Total Body Workout

Water bag exercises are a great way to mix up your workout and earn some pretty impressive gains. Matter of fact, if you had to pick one piece of equipment to do a total body workout with, going for a water bag would be your best option. The water bag is one of the most […]

Wеight Lоѕѕ Supplement for Mеn Ovеr 40

Wеight Lоѕѕ Supplement for Mеn Ovеr 40

If you are looking fоr thе bеѕt wеight lоѕѕ supplement fоr mеn оvеr 40, you аrе not аlоnе. In thе US, about 1 out оf еvеrу 3 реорlе are оbеѕе, аnd the number is highеr if you аlѕо соunt thе folks whо are оvеrwеight оr diѕѕаtiѕfiеd with thеir weight. Thе good news is thаt with […]

5 Signs You Are Overtraining and What to do About it

How to Know if You Are Overtraining

How to know if you are overtraining. Most fitness enthusiasts and body builders take their exercise workouts quite serious occasionally placing unknowingly unhealthful demands of their bodies to the point of overtraining by committing themselves to a total session period exceeding the recommended 5 hour per week training. Individuals who have surpassed this suggested boundary […]

Barefoot Squats to Enhance Your Workout Training

Barefoot Squats

In today’s fitness and bodybuilding world many people face the ultimate challenge of finding the proper workout plan. However, all of these workout blueprints are based on various key aspects. One of those crucial elements are the physical patterns that are part of the daily routine of the workout plan. One notable exercise modification that […]

Progressive Overload Training to Stimulate Muscle Growth

Progressive Overload Training

Progressive overload training was developed for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers after World War II by a Dr. Thomas Delorme. The training is often viewed as the exposure of the body to a gradual stress increase over a period of time during the training exercise. Today this training principle has been widely adopted by fitness […]

Muscle Building Workout Basic Principles

Basic Principles of Building Muscle

Individuals regardless of their race, nationality and size all share the same physiology and anatomy. However each person born of varying linages have been exposed to different conditions during their existence resulting in generational traits being handed down to descendants making each person develop a tolerance to some things and not the other. This existing […]

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders – what’s the difference?

Power Lifters vs. Bodybuilders

Many people don’t understand the vast differences of power lifters vs. bodybuilders. For starters, bodybuilding is generally observed as a round the clock workout routine used by professional bodybuilders and trainers to effectively utilize strength and cardiovascular fitness training to achieve muscular mass and tone. Maintaining a strict diet is a critical component observed more […]

Best Quadricep Workout With Weights

Killer Quadricep Workout

Whether leg day may be the most-dreaded, most-loved or most-skipped part of your workout regimen, it is crucial. Our quadricep workout, specifically, are the main players in the extension of the knee and a vital part of a strong frame, not to mention in walking, standing, and running. Leg workouts can either be split into […]

Rope Exercise Workout Cardio Benefit

Rope Exercise Workout

The basic training routine like every other aspect of lifestyle requires some degree of change to breath new life and interest to stimulate the workout for the individual, advanced and even professional fitness enthusiast. As such it is often suggested to incorporate various and unconventional techniques into the training routine like rope exercise to restoring […]

Periodization Training to Avoid Training Plateaus

Periodization Training to Avoid Training Plateaus

After a period of weeks or months of dedicated grinding in the gym you find all of a sudden that the law of diminishing returns has taken a stranglehold of your progress and you have all but completely plateaued that’s when you should take a look at periodization training to avoid plateaus. What is periodization […]

Is Your Willpower Stronger than Your Laziness

Is Your Willpower Stronger than Your Laziness

Sometimes making lifestyle changes without willpower is very difficult, it can often seem there are roadblocks at every turn. New challenges are faced daily with food and drink choices, and making new healthy lifestyle habits like quitting smoking, exercising and getting enough sleep. How to strengthen your willpower to achieve your fitness goals Sometimes it’s […]

Best Advanced Lifting Techniques Workout

Advanced Lifting Techniques to Enhance Your Workout

Away from the beginners circle in weightlifting comes a much bigger challenge; it can get much harder to progress as the years go on and we must find new ways to shock our muscles into making new gains. The good news is that there are many tried and tested advanced lifting techniques methods that really […]

X Reps Workout Intensity Techniques

Intensity Techniques - X Reps

Another blood pumping, high intensity technique you can use is a little something called X Reps. Originally invented by Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson of Ironman Mag fame,  short for extended reps are essentially partial reps usually done at the end of a set. Intensity techniques extended reps works great for those of you who […]

Best Balance and Agility Exercises Training

Trainer Tips for Better Balance and Agility

We can all benefit from balance and agility exercises, not only do they help athletes on the field, track or in the gym but it can improve your day to day life also. Your agility is the ability in which you change directions of your body in effective and efficient manners, this requires a combination […]

Functional Strength Training Workout Benefits

The Benefits of Functional Training

The benefits Functional strength training has been popular amongst athletes for quite awhile now. It has helped athletes all over the world to improve how they train. The main theory behind this concept is to build a solid foundation on movements we have evolved to be physically capable of. It is designed to help us […]

Late Night Exercise Good or Bad – What to Know

Late Night Exercise vs. Early Morning

Most people considering to take up a training routine will often wonder when is the best time to exercise. Is it early morning or late night exercise that works best for you? If that sounds like your predicament and you need a bit of insight as to when you should perform your workout to gain […]

Stronger Legs Workout Power Moves Exercise

Power Moves for Stronger Legs

It has often been said that the basis of a strong and balanced athlete is recognized in a pair of well-developed legs. However finding the right power moves for stronger legs workout might not seem at first like the easiest thing to do, especially if you want to build muscle and strength instead of explosive […]

Soccer Legs Workout Back Squat Train like a Footballer

The Soccer Legs Workout

For a professional soccer player to perform at his maximum potential a strong well conditioned body is a must. In particular there is a large emphasis on strength training soccer legs workout aimed to strengthen their lower bodies resulting in some seriously muscular soccer legs. Workout tips to get those muscular soccer legs like the […]

Plank Exercise Benefits to Enhance Your Workout

Strength in Stillness

So you’ve tried cardio, weight training, plyometrics, martial arts, sports, and more – but you’re still looking for a new challenge or untapped method for enhancing your physique. The answer is actually simpler than you think. It’s not about doing more reps or heavier weight or pushing harder… it is about doing less and finding […]

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Any good personal trainer when they meet a potential client for the first time needs to first explain what genetic predisposition the person has. This is called somatotyping which puts your body into a category that explains the lean muscle to fat distribution that you have genetically. Build your workout around Somatotyping The Endomorph Endomorphs […]

Personal Trainer For Weight Loss Training

How to Talk to Your Personal Trainer

Your wallet says they work for you, but sometimes it really feels like you work for them… any relationship that starts with that kind of challenge is bound to have its ups and downs. However, the ability to work with your personal trainer is key to both of you achieving results. Guide to Communicating with […]

Before You Start CrossFit Things You Should Know

Fun, unique, challenging, constantly evolving, and with a great built-in community for support and motivation… what’s not to love about CrossFit? And in all honesty, we’re big fans of CrossFit ourselves. It employs well-rounded fitness approaches to make total health and wellness through exercise easier to integrate into everyday life. However, it can also be […]

Workout Pain You Shouldn’t Push Through

When NOT to Train Through the Pain

Pain is weakness leaving the body, right? In most cases, we’d agree with you. If a workout doesn’t cause some sort of discomfort, the odds are that it’s not challenging your body enough to make any sort of change. Unfortunately, as men, we often overlook workout pain… dismissing them as minor annoyances, when, in fact, […]

Low Volume Workout Training Program

Balancing High Volume and Low Volume Workouts

When training regardless of how you would like to look at it, the three fundamental ways to increase the frequency of your low volume full body workouts is by achieving the ultimate High Volume and Low Volume Workout Balance. Low Volume Workout Training Program to Enhance your Fitness First 3 Steps 1. Increasing the volume […]

Best Belly Fat Workout Men Exercise

Moves that Make Your Belly Fat Disappear

Most people wanting to lose a few pounds of belly fat are often willing to literally starve themselves or take a range of overpriced and sometimes useless supplements promising them the perfect physique in a three weeks. But a few exercise moves can make belly fat disappear. Top Belly Fat Shredding Tips and Exercises Luckily […]

Chest And Triceps Workout For Beginners

The No Barbell Chest and Triceps Workout

Most fitness experts will tell you that the barbell bench press is the best exercise for developing the pectoral muscles to achieve a well-defined chest. This however is not 100% accurate. Bodybuilders when building the chest and triceps muscles strongly recommend against training aimed at focusing solely on the bench press exercise as a primary […]

Bodybuilding bulking Myths Debunked

Bodybuilding Bulking Myths

Many of you have in your quest for perfect health and physique have undoubtedly had to struggle with the numerous contradicting advice of your friends, so called fitness experts, and the dreaded self-proclaimed bodybuilding television ads offering you the total body physique of a lifetime. Never before has one industry been riddled with countless recommendations […]

Best High Intensity Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Tips to Improve your Workout Intensity

Regardless of your respective training methods and desired goals set within your exercise program if there’s anything you should pay close attention to, it is to keep your workout intensity at a constant level. Top tips to pump up your workout intensity Optimum muscular build will never be realized unless your training workout reflects a […]

Power Lift Exercises For Beginners Best Guide

Power Moves to Pump Up Your Muscles

Most professional powerlifters will often tell the aspiring beginner that some of the power lift achieved through training is traditionally a byproduct of genetic heritage. Individuals however with no known linage recognizing powerlifters or professional athletes can train their bodies with power lift exercises to develop similar strengths by implementing a number of power lift […]

The Key to More Energetic Sex to Keep Up with Her

Tips to Keep Up with Her in Bed

So you’ve started dating this hot, energetic, and sexy girl and everything is going great except you can’t keep up with her when it comes to the bedroom. You find yourself out paced and out done in virtually every sense, and now you’re looking for a way out. But before you go running off, why […]

Descending Ladder Workout Exercise For Total Body

The Descending Ladder Workout

The descending ladder workout has been often used by professional marathon runners to train their bodies for the rigors of the traditional 5k and 10k marathon racing events. How to do the descending ladder workout Unlike half and regular marathons which will observe the contestants resting fatigue during the latter mile portion of the run, […]

Firm up Loose Skin Post Weight Loss with Exercises

Exercises to Firm Up Loose Skin Post Weight Loss

Loose skin resulting from weight loss is a common phenomenon generally occurring when the individual training drops a large amount of their weight at one time rather than over a prolonged period leaving the person with a bulky feeling as a result from the loose and sagging skin. As such the individual is now tasked […]

How To Create a Workout Plan For Your Exercise Routine

Why You Should have a Workout Plan

Having a regular workout exercise routing is an important attribute to the natural health and welfare of every individual. The key in maintaining a proper workout plan is finding a training routine that is suited to the lifestyle of the individual. Some people often find the traditional home workout to be most convenient for their […]

The Best Performance Sunglasses That Every Man Need


You can’t wear the same sunglasses to play hard outdoors as you do when you just take a quick drive to the store anymore than you would wear the same shoes to go to work and on a run hence the need for some Performance Sunglasses that every man need. Most popular brands of sport […]

Best Running Camps For Adults In The USA


Themed running camps are often beloved by kids, but is it really worth going to one as an adult? You may feel that it is a waste of time and money. After all, if you are really into running, you probably already do what you will be doing at the camp, right? So why pay […]

Deep Breathing Techniques Ways To Calm Your Anxiety

Ultimately “we feel in our bodies what we perceive in our brain,” says celebrated Life Coach, Tony Robbins. Therefore, by changing the way we think and use deep breathing techniques benefit, we’re able to feel better and perform with more drive, motivation and at a greater capacity to initiate change. Deep Breathing Techniques benefit to […]

Adventure Mud Run For A Great Workout Training

Looking for a fun way to get out and participate in some exercise and you don’t mind getting a little dirty? If so an adventure mud run may just be the right thing for you. These races challenge their participants to navigate through challenging obstacles like mud and sometimes fire all in the name of fun […]

Final Four – What Ohio State Can Teach Us About Personal Performance

Final Four - What Ohio State Can Teach Us About Personal Performance

When the dust settled in New Orleans last Monday night, two things were clear: talent only takes you so far, and sometimes it’s all about timing. One of the things that endears the Final Four Tournament to sports fans is the gauntlet-like challenge teams must face in order to win. The lose-one-and-done reality forces all […]