How to Get Ripped at Home With Gym Equipment

Best at Home Gym Equipment for the PriceMost men when considering purchasing a home gym equipment will often think about a private convenient at home fitness equipment workout space they would never be able to experience at a traditional public and local gym.

Top Gym Equipment at Home to Get a Professional Workout

The average fitness male spends countless dollars in membership fees over a number of years much to the disadvantage of having access to a vast number of machines he will never need nor use in his lifetime. Not to mention the lengthly hours and cost of traveling across town to complete their daily workout routine.

Purchasing a home gym equipment today is one of the most significant investments ever undertaken by an individual when considering their health, fitness and longevity. Deciding on the correct and affordable equipment is a challenging task occasionally filled with frustration and uncertainty when faced with a wide variety of brand machines, promises and recommended benefits claimed by each to achieve that perfect body physique and physical health.

The majority of individuals when considering buying their first home gym equipment tend to lean towards the purchase of a single contraption designed by cramming several exercise machines to create one device. Often this route depending on the individuals budget can be viewed as a more affordable options when compared to the more expensive method of purchasing individual exercise machines.

However most professional home gyms found today will consist of a number of gym equipment including

  1. free weights
  2. incline and decline bench
  3. rowing machine
  4. shoulder press
  5. squat assist machines.

Regardless of the fitness level and experience of the person, having a home gym is a suitable replacement for any gym membership saving commute time and effort without sacrificing the benefits of their workout.

Beginners new to the fitness experience when embarking on their first home gym venture will generally opt for purchasing home-workout equipment of a less costly nature occupying a smaller space while maintaining the ability to provide a great workout to improve their fitness in the comfort of a typical storeroom or basement.

Professional athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders will all testify to the unmeasurable benefits of the traditional jumprope or mini trampoline. Both these exercise equipment will not only take up a minimal amount of space but will also provide a fun and effective form of cardio training significantly less than the hundreds of dollars often spent on cardio exercise machines.


The trampoline unlike the jump rope does not require the necessary concentration and exercise coordination to complete the exercise but is an effective method of training when used to execute an alternative high frequency cardio workout.

Weider Cross Bow

The Weider Cross Bow machine designed by award winning Weider Fitness group is one of the best and cost effective options to the professional home gym compared to the popularly used and more expensive Bowflex.

Similar to the Bowflex, the Weider Cross Bow utilizes the very same technology through a series of rods constructed from a type of rubber compound material to effect a form of resistance training. A system characterized by a number of pulleys attaches a number of cables to the rods effectively forcing the stiff bars to bend whenever the individual pulls against the cables rather than lifting a weighted stack.

The load experience can be subsequently changed by attaching additional cables to the corresponding bars equating to the desired weight to be lifted by the exerciser. Additionally the rods can be detached from the machine to be used as barbells and body bars during training.

The Weider Cross Bow gym model today is no longer available for purchase, however individuals are able to to purchase newer models of this gym online for a low as $300 USD.

Total Body Works 5000

The Total Body Works 5000 endorsed by Christine Brinkely and Chuck Norris is a Total Gym bodyweight exercise machine comprising of an adjustable sideboard and two cables to provide the user with an effective full body workout.

Viewed as one of the best space savers in gym equipment, the Total Body Works 5000 easily folds up for storage offering a range of fully functional and unsupported Pilates training exercises conventionally performed with the use of the highly expensive Pilates Reformer.

At an affordable price, a new Total Body Works 5000 will cost the individual an average of $600 USD while a least expensive Total Gym will usually run for a minimum price of $2,000 USD.

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