Top 5 Ways to Achieve Muscle Growth Fast

How to Gain Muscle Growth Fast: 5 Best Proven Ways

There are various reasons why people workout and the desire for muscle growth fast is at the top of the list. However, that doesn’t mean that there are many other important reasons to pump some iron. In fact, far from it, muscle growth improves posture, increases bone density, decreases body fat percentage, improves mental health and a whole host of amazing side effects. Besides, having big muscles after a hard workout journey is the pot of gold coins at the end of the rainbow that everyone is chasing. Who doesn’t want a nice chiseled physique to show for all the hard work, grime and gut you put into your workouts?

How to achieve muscle growth?

Anyone who works out on the regular will tell you, muscle growth does not come quickly. Muscle growth supplements and muscle growth food can only get you so far. What actually stimulates muscle growth is a lot of determination and hard work to achieve those superhero muscles. The right exercise plan must go hand in hand with the right diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t know where to start, we have attempted to make the journey towards muscle growth a little easier for you, by selecting some exercises to get you started. Let us go through some of the primary exercises that you absolutely must partake in if you are looking for extra muscle growth. Let’s take a quick look.

Awesome muscle growth exercises!

Bodyweight Squats

How to Gain Muscle Growth Fast: 5 Best Proven Ways

Bodyweight squats help in building muscle mass in your legs. However, pay close attention to your technique when you do a squat. First, start by facing forward, chest up and out, with your feet at shoulder-width apart. Stretch out your hands straight ahead to keep your balance. With your back straight, pretend like you are sitting down in an imaginary chair, with your thighs parallel to the floor. Finally, push yourself back to the original position. Ensure that your back is arched perfectly, and your head is held back straight. Keep your chest out and your feet hip-width apart. The correct form will help you complete the exercise easier and more effectively.


Deadlifts are best added to your workout on the days when you work your back and ideally performed towards the latter part of your workout. Besides, this exercise not only brings in overall strength but also brings thickness in the middle part of your back to lower portion of your back. To start, stand with your feet placed in the middle under the barbell and bend to grab the bar at a shoulder-width grip.

Bend your knees and lift the weight and stand up slowly. Hold the position and go back to putting the weight back to the ground. Rest a second at the bottom and repeat as recommended. Remember to focus on your breathing and never hold your breath.

Bench Press

The bench press is one of the most essential additions to your fitness routine and can help you achieve muscle gain fast if mass building is your priority. However, many people don’t even realize that they are doing it all wrong. A few common errors that often undermine the powerful benefits of bench press.

The top bench press mistakes are flaring the elbows and bad wrist position. Start by laying down on a bench and hold the bar over you at chest level. Your elbows should be close to a 90-degree angle, slightly outward but never out at your sides which would be considered “flaring” the elbows. Hold the bar at a slightly wider gap than shoulder-width with your wrists slightly cocked but not bent backward. Gradually, raise the bar with your arms extended. Bring back the bar to just over your chest and repeat as per your workout plan. The bench press is a comprehensive exercise involving the muscles of the chest, shoulder, and upper arm. Besides, its basic function is to add strength, grow muscles, and restoring muscle balance.

Muscle Growth Fast with the Military Press

Military Press exercise to enhance your shoulder muscles

The military press works your shoulders, triceps and part of your chest muscles. In addition, it also helps in getting an X-shaped body and achieving muscle growth fast. Bring the barbell to just about your shoulder height and come to a shoulder width position and hold the barbell in place. Now, slowly shift the weight to your body and extend your arms overhead. Afterward, go back to the original position and repair as required. Besides, ensure that your arms are in perfectly perpendicular with the bar and use the same width as you would in a bench press. In case you do narrow grip bench press, widen up a bit. The military press is mainly used to work your deltoid muscle, the shoulder muscles, the triceps, and the core. If you are doing the standing military press, it really helps in strengthening the core and stabilizing the spine.

Straight Leg Deadlifts for muscle gain fast

Man doing Straight leg Deadlifts

Straight Leg Deadlifts work best when done with your hamstring workout. This is similar to a standard deadlift, so ensure that your lower back is arched, and the chest and head is straight up. The only difference is that you bend at your hips rather than your knees, focusing more on your hamstrings. Rather than struggling to stretch all the way down to the toes with the weight, go as far as you are comfortable with. Move forward as if you are picking something off the floor.

Do this exercise until you feel your hamstrings stretch while you inhale. Finally, bring your torso back up to your starting position. Repeat as recommended. However, it is important to remember if you suffer from lower back problems to use lightweight and consult with your doctor or a certified trainer before you start the deadlift or any of these exercises.

Achieving muscle growth fast not only looks great but it makes you feel great. Additionally, it also makes you feel like all the sweat and hard work and pushing yourself can show good results. In fact, it is a truly rewarding experience, making you feel glad of the fact that you pushed through. Just be patient and follow the right instructions to achieve the muscle growth that you have been craving. The above exercises you probably are doing; however, the key is to get the posture right so that you can get the most out of it. The wrong posture can undo and make all your efforts null and void.

Also, you cannot discount the importance of the right nutrition plan. Muscles need fuel to grow so having the right meal plan and hydration is vital. You can also explore muscle building supplements to give you the extra push.

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