Jacket All Men Should Have In Their Closet

jacketJust think of an article of clothing that you can wear that makes you look taller, slimmer and more muscular. If you think such a magical garment doesn’t exist you are absolutely wrong. A proper fitting blazer, sport coat or suit jacket can do just the trick. You can pair a blazer with a pair of jeans for a dressy casual feel, a sport coat or suit jacket with a pair of trousers for a professional polished look.

Men's Jackets to have in your wardrobe

Not all jackets can be worn off the rack and for most men you will want to get them tailored to your personal measurements. All jackets once tailored should raise your perceived waistline to give you a longer torso with a slimmer waist. You will want it to taper slightly above the waist and flare out to cover your stomach and hips.

Consider your build

Broad manly shoulders are great if you have the natural genetics. However if you lack a little up top a jacket can add necessary volume to give you a V-Shaped torso. Wider, broader shoulders will also help make your waist look slimmer. Any tailor or sales associate will be able to help you get the fit right. Make sure and try it on in store and check in front of a full length mirror before you buy.

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