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Rock climbing gear Every Climber should have

A professional trying rock climbing

Rock climbing is surely not an activity that everybody can indulge in. However, with more and more people taking an interest to explore the terrain around them, there is an increase interest in the sport of rock climbing. Whether you are a rock-climbing kind of person or not.

Unlike most exercises, rock climbing is not something you just jump right into. you need the right right gear and preparation to ensure you have fun and safe climbing experience. Check out some of the essentials listed below you will need to get started.

Rock Climbing Essentials

Rock climbing shoes

Rock climbing shoes

Just like any other sport, there are specific shoes available for the purpose of rock climbing. They generally come with a tight fit to for maximum performance and allow you to master the smaller holds. These shoes are not made to be comfortable for walking and best left for climbing only. It is crucial that you invest in the best rock climbing shoes that you can afford to ensure the best grip and safety. Some of the renowned climbing shoes brands are La Sportiva, Scarpa and Tenaya Tarifa.

Climbing harness and ropes

Climbing harnesses and ropes should be of the best quality and in good condition. The harness should not dig into your body and should be comfortable to fit over the layers of your clothing and gear. Before you decide which climbing harness to buy, be sure you know which surface you are climbing and whether it is granite, sandstone, limestone or ice. This will help you to purchase the right harness for your climb. Climbing harness and ropes should be chosen with different parameters in mind like climbing harness sizing and whether it is a full-body climbing harness or the regular half-body kind. Rock climbing ropes comes in a wide variety, so be sure about which one exactly you need.

Helmet: Rock climbing

A man wear helmet for rock climbing

A good quality helmet is of great importance. Invest in the best quality of helmet that you can buy, because this is not the area to skim on. It will potentially end up saving your life should there be an accident. Try to buy a helmet which has a lamp on it, so that you get access to the best visibility and you can see everything clearly. Also, ensure that you get fitted with the helmet that fits snugly on your head, as you don’t want it to be too loose or too tight. This can be distracting and not good for your safety.  You can choose rock climbing helmets from brands like Petzl and Simond.

Belay device: Rock climbing

A belay device is a technical piece of Rock climbing gear used mainly to control the rope during climbing.  This device ensure the safety of the climber by enabling the climbing to complete the task in a more relaxed and stress-free manner and with minimum effort. These devices act as a resistance brake in order the break the fall of the climber, so you should buy the best quality belay device you can find. In fact, the belay device helps by creating tension on the rope, thereby protecting the climber and ensuring the safety of your climbing. There are three types of belay devices that you can choose from they are tubular, assisted braking or figure 8.


Carabiners to help the climber

A carabiner is a particular form of Rock climbing restraint. It looks like a metal loop with a spring gate it is a safety system to help the climber in case the climber needs to hold any of their gears like the rope, the belay device, etc. It is mainly a utility hook to help the climber keep things in reach. There are three basic variants of carabiner namely the auto locking, manual locking, and non-locking kind. Different acts of climbing necessitates different variations of carabiners. It is crucial to understand the differences between them to make the most informed decision. In fact, by considering the three different factors like shape, gate type, size, weight and strength.  You can decide on which carabiner to buy by assessing what kind of climbing you are potentially going to do.


Ascenders help to safely ascend to a rope

Ascenders are climbing devices used for ascending on a rope. This essentially means that it allows the rope to slide smoothly in a particular direction. However, it will be tight when tugged in the opposite direction, locking it for security. Usually, two ascenders are used to climb a fixed rope. There is also a variant of ascender which enables the robe to move either way but will locks up if the rope moves too slowly.

Rock climbing doesn’t necessarily have to be done in the wild. In fact, there are various indoor rock climbing classes. These rock climbing gyms allow you to hone your skills and protected the environment, without facing any challenges. Whether you do rock climbing for leisure activity or you are serious about it, there are several health benefits that comes with the sport. It provides various physical benefits like boosting endurance and building muscle flexibility.

Along with the physical benefits, there are certain mental benefits also. Rock climbing is known to keep stress under control and builds your mental strength. In fact, it forces you to step over your fears and conquer them. However, to do the same, you will need to have the proper gear. Doing rock climbing without the proper gears is never a good idea. Investing in the few basics will save you from potential danger and allow for an amazing rock climbing experience.

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