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Steroids in Sports

Steroids in sports are something that has been going on for decades from swimming to running and obviously cycling. We all know that the main reason why cycling is now the latest culprit is because of the now well publicized scandal of Lance Armstrong and his effective evading of the monitors.


But steroids have always been involved with sports where the evidence of taking these enhancements has been blatantly obvious like in bodybuilding. When we see a bodybuilder who is five and a half foot tall and has 200 pounds of muscle with 3% body-fat we all immediately think of steroids.


But when a competitor in a sport looks normal and performs abnormally in the sport we used to think it was a God-given talent that has been well developed with hard training, dedication and determination. It seems that the world has now developed an acute awareness of this abnormality that will never be the same again.

Sports Enhancement Supplement

The idea of taking any sports enhancement supplement that range from sophisticated anabolic steroids to crude calf blood is something akin to cheating in a card game or using a false education certificate to get work. The point is that however honourable we may be if there is a way to beat the odds people will find a way.

Using Masking Agents

Many years ago it was possible for competitive bodybuilders to hide the steroids by using masking agents that range from diuretics to cortisone treatments. But these days the tests that are done are now extremely sophisticated and as we now know the only way to beat these tests is to be equally evasive and innovative in avoiding the positive test to an enhancement.

Steroids Increase Your Performance

It should be noted that even the best steroid that you can get specifically for your body will increase your ability/performance by a maximum of 5%. This means that you need to be a very talented athlete long before you even think of taking steroids.

Taking Steroids Is Against The Spirit Of Sport.

But the point is that taking steroids is morally and physically against the law and against the spirit of sport. The whole point of any sport is to compete with your mental and physical ability giving the best that you have got and not the best pharmaceutical advice and guidance you can get.

Huge Sums Of Money

But with the huge sums of money now in all sports it is little wonder that the competitors are so easily able to put aside any moral value they might have for the sake of money and winning at all costs. When taking steroids the cost is usually a premature death and they know it before they even take the steroid.

Winning At All Costs

Has denigrated sports to something that is no longer the sport that it was designed to be. The glory of competition and putting your ability against your peers in order to establish who had the power, co-ordination and the mental ability to win seems to have taken a back seat to money.

Suspicion And Testing

As we go headlong into the new era of suspicion and testing of every competitor that competes today we seem to have all been permanently affected by this and the “spirit of sport” seems to have been put on the back seat and is no longer the reason to compete?

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