How to Choose the Right Condom For Your Pleasure

Choosing the Right CondomCan’t figure out how to choose the right condom? Does your condom purchase fit this description? Your hands may have been shaking, you may have been blushing, or you may even have been hoping to impress the cute girl working the pharmacy counter… but you likely rushed through your first condom purchase and have simply been following that habit for years, rather than draw a lot of attention to yourself lingering in the “family planning” aisle.

How to choose the right condom to enhance your performance

Best Feeling Condoms That Feel Like the Real Thing

Truth be told, a properly fitting condom not only helps prevent the condom from failing but can actually enhance your feelings of pleasure. Too loose and you’ll risk your rubber sliding off and/or not getting enough friction to enjoy the act. Too tight and you’ll risk breakage, discomfort, or difficulty ejaculating. Most men assume they fall within the “standard” or “average” size range, but that’s not always the case.

Men with less length

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They may also have additional girth, which would mean a larger or wider-fit condom may be a better choice than “regular.” Similarly, a man with additional length may feel more comfortable in a slimmer condom that is less prone to shifting during sex. There are several factor in that must me evaluated to choose the right condom. Material choice can also aid in the fit of any condom. Latex, in general, is more pliable, and therefore stretches more when exposed to heat, moisture, and friction. Polyurethane, which is stronger a less stretchy gives some men a feeling of snugness that translates well to natural sensation. Others, particularly those with girth or length issues, may find polyurethane restrictive.

When shopping, also consider your lifestyle.

If you like things rough, a thicker material and a little extra room may be in your best interests. If you’re looking for a just-like-naked feel, a thinner “sensitive” condom with a snug fit may be just what you need. Like anything regarding size and comfort, trial and error is the best way to guarantee you find the ideal condom for you. Buy individual condoms, small packages, or even “sampler” packs to get an idea of what’s out there. If you fall outside normal size ranges (between 6 and 7 inches in length when erect and between 1.5 and 2.25 inches in diameter), consider specialty stores online that may stock additional sizes not seen on your pharmacy or supermarket shelves.

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