Infertility in Men Symptoms And Treatments

Facts About Infertility in MenIf a couple is having trouble conceiving some time it could be the infertility in men, and it would be unfair to automatically blame the woman. The fact is that it is just as likely for the male to be infertile as it is for the female to be. In fact, in about 20 percent of cases, both mates have issues contributing to inability to conceive.

What are some facts about infertility in men that you should know?

The facts about sperm

First of all, semen will normally contain approximately 200 million sperm in each ejaculation. Of course, less than one quarter of these sperm are viable from the get go. This pales, however, in comparison to the fact that only about 400 will actually survive ejaculation. Of those 400, only about 10 percent will make it anywhere near the egg. Then one will have to find it's way through the egg's outer layer to fertilize it. In all, it's a miracle that it ever happens.

How does infertility in men happen?

So what are the main causes of infertility in men? Some may have a low sperm count. Fewer sperm decreases the odds of fertilizing an egg even further. Slow moving sperm will make fertilization a near impossibility, since they can't survive long in the female reproductive system. Some men have sperm of an abnormal shape or size. Others have a problem with their semen and thus have no way to deliver viable sperm into the female.

What you can do to if you are having issues conceiving?

What causes these conditions and is there any way to reverse them? Here are a few things you can do to keep your sperm count high as well as healthy and swimming fast. Some of these will help with semen production as well.

Smoking is bad for your boys. Cigarettes reduce the speed and number of sperm. Drug use can also result in abnormally developed sperm, along with excessive alcohol consumption can also lower the sperm count. Weight is also a factor, extremely heavy men may have hormone issues that effect fertility. Overly skinny guys can have few swimmers. You can actually over exercise your way to infertility by using up all of your testosterone.

How can you strike a balance?

As with most things in life balance is where you will excel. Regular exercise is great for your reproductive system. Obviously, steroids are a no-no since they shrink the testes and inhibit sperm production. However, there are some supplements that may help - vitamins C and E along with zinc. Vitamin E fights free radicals and helps men produce healthy sperm. Vitamin C and zinc make the little guys spread out instead of clumping together in your semen. You also need to reduce your exposure to toxins, especially if you work around a lot of chemicals or pesticides. Keeping a good life balance should help you find your way into fatherhood.

There may be other issues that my require a doctors opinion. If you find yourself in a pretty good health, with a balanced lifestyle and still are not able to conceive, consult with your doctor for more help.

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