New Relationship How Holidays Can Strengthen yours

How to Use the Holidays to Strengthen a New RelationshipAny new relationship takes time and patience to make it work, but during the holidays people in new relationships can oftentimes find themselves in the deep end without the benefit of a life raft to keep them afloat. Instead of letting the holidays weaken a new relationship, why not use it to your advantage to strengthen it? Here are 3 tips to help make the holidays a great tool to building a solid relationship with the new lady in your life.

Be Selective of the Time Your Spend Together During the Holidays

A new relationship isn’t like a marriage that has lasted for twenty years; you don’t need to spend every hour of every waking minute together during the Christmas season. Doing so can actually cause problems in a new relationship because of the pressure inherent during the holidays from meeting other friends and family before you or your partner is ready to do so. Being selective about the time you spend together will help to take the pressure off of the new relationship and allow each of you to get to a strong place of love and commitment both alone and together.

Acknowledge Each Other’s Needs and Wants for Christmas

Relationships are all about a process of give and take and during the holiday season that harmonious balance can be disrupted when each of you is focused on your wants and needs instead of the other’s. Whether it is her desire to spend a quiet Christmas Eve together or your need to spend Christmas with your family, acknowledging each other’s needs and wants will help to build a healthy and solid relationship that will last a great deal longer the most new relationships that begin shortly before the holidays.

Don’t Make the New Relationship More Significant than It Is

Too often new couples will get swept up in the holiday cheer and romanticism of the Christmas and look at their relationship through rose colored glasses… don’t do this. Doing so can cause a world of problems such as a false sense of love/affection, one person being more invested in the relationship than the other and promises that beyond the holiday glow are more than you can keep. Be realistic about your relationship and don’t make it more involved or loving than it actually is.

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