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Oral Sex Tips that Will Blow Her Away

Oral Sex Tips that Will Blow Her AwayBoth men and women would agree that oral sex is amazing if done properly. As men we take on average about 5 minutes to reach orgasm during sex, but oral sex can often cut that time in half. For women, the ultimate pleasure might not come as quickly or easily. But if you want to blow her away with the best moves she’s ever experienced on her lady bits, then you might want to follow our oral sex tips below to make sure she comes back from more.

Oral Sex Tips for Guys to Give her an Orgasm

Warm her up

The worst thing any guy can do is go straight for her hot spot and stay there until a) their neck gives out or b) she asks him to leave. Do not let this happen to you. Instead, warm her up slowly. The old analogy that women are like a diesel truck and need to be fully warmed up before they can get going is absolutely true. Once you get her fully warmed up it will be much easier to wow her with your moves. Get things going by kissing and biting her inner thighs and breathing heavily on her vulva. The sensation of heat coupled with the anticipation of your tongue against her clit will drive her wild and will make her realize you know what you are doing.

Take things slow

Once she is warmed up you should not go straight for the clit. Once again, wait, be patient and analyze her eagerness. Basically you want her to push your head onto her clit before you make your move. Make her beg for your mouth and tongue to be pressed against her. Remember that this is more about getting her off than making things happen for you, so show restraint and take things as slow as possible. There are plenty of other hotspots in around her vulva and vagina that feel amazing for her and taste great for you. Use your thumbs and fingers as well to tease her vagina and trace the outline of her clit and vulva. The stimulation might be enough to get her off within a few minutes of the main event.

Say the alphabet

Use your tongue to draw each letter of the alphabet on her vagina. Use wide strokes that cover the entire area and then use small defined and focused letters that cover only a small portion of her genitals. The combination of small strokes with larger licks will make her go crazy and will make her beg you for more. This might be somewhat of an oral workout, but the effort you put in will come right back to you when she is screaming in ecstasy.

Show her clit love: oral sex tips

Once you are certain she is fully revved up and ready to go you can then start focusing on her clit, the entire reason you go down on her in the first place. At first, gently lick and tease her with your tongue. Do this for about 30 seconds and then take her clit into your mouth. Suck it slightly and tug on it with your mouth. Never use your teeth! While you have her there gently hum to create a vibration that feels amazing on this tiny organ. Let her go and do it all over again incorporating licks and sucks back and forth until she is past the point of no return. Your partner will be very impressed if you use all these moves while listening to what she says makes her feel good. Good luck!

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