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Reasons You are Not Having Sex Symptom And Cause

Three Reasons You are Not Having SexNot getting any? Well, you aren’t the only one not having sex. In today’s busy world more and more men are feeling the crunch when it comes to their sex lives for a variety of reasons that don’t always have to do with you. If you’re not having sex with the woman in your life very often take a look at these 3 reasons why you’re not having sex that could be at fault.

Top Reasons Why Your Not Having Sex

The Reason: Your Bed isn’t Sexy

Why: One of the biggest pieces of sexual advice that anyone can give you is too keep your bed relegated to just sleeping and sex. Why? Because the more things that you do in bed and the more things you bring to bed, the more you and your spouse start thinking of it as “unsexy”. From laptops to work and everything in between, making your bed “unsexy” makes the sex start petering off as you go to bed or wake up in the morning because of distractions and fatigue.

How to Fix the Problem: Try to make the bed sexy again by taking away the distractions before bed and focusing on your bed partner instead. It doesn’t have to lead to sex every night, but spending a few minutes cuddling in the bed or just talking to each other can bring the intimacy back to your bed and reset the settings on a “sexy” bed.

The Reason: Your Meds are Taking Your Sex Drive

Why: Medication is supposed to keep us healthy and ready for anything, but some meds can have an opposite effect on the sex drive. From anti-depressants to blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine and narcotics, many medications can affect the libido while helping to fix the health issue they were prescribed for.

How to Fix the Problem: One thing you can do is consult your doctor to see if other medications can be prescribed that help with you health issues without inhibiting the libido. Some medications affect the libido more than others and your doctor will know more about the issue and how to combat it.

The Reason: You’re Too Tired/Too Busy

Why: People today are often pulled in six different directions at once from work to kids to family and much more. All of this can contribute to you not having sex as often because you are too busy or too tired to put any effort into asking your girlfriend or wife for sex.

How to Fix the Problem: Bring spontaneity into your life by having sex during times that you might not have before such as on a lunch break or sneak off early in the evening before your favorite show comes on. By having sex spontaneously you are less likely to let your busy schedule or your tiredness at the end of the day keeps you from enjoying your partner’s body to the fullest.

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