Signs You are Bad in Bed And Don't Know It

Signs You are Bad in BedEvery man wants to believe he is the greatest lay for every woman he sleeps with. I mean who doesn't want to be the king in the bedroom? After all, you've worked hard to perfect what you believe to be the best feeling moves you can come up with. She may not be as impressed as you hoped, however. Of course, trying to discover what really turns women on and gets them going can be a daunting task and many men choose to just ignore that and go straight for what feels good to them. Unfortunately, that could also mean you are bad in bed.

Want to know if you are bad in bed? Then check out our list of 5 signs you are bad in the bedroom.

1. The only time you have sex is when you are drunk.

Do you think it is just a coincidence that the only time a woman wants to sleep with you is when she is smashed out of her mind? The likelihood of that is slim, so if you find yourself only indulging in the act when you or your partner is drunk then you might just be terrible in bed.

2. Your partner looks disinterested.

Women require emotional connection in order to thoroughly enjoy themselves during sex, and if you spot a girl staring at the clock while you are pounding away then you probably suck in bed. In fact, women love long sexy and sweaty sack sessions and often require them to get off. If she heads towards the exit right after sex or even starts trying to pass the time during it, you are doing something wrong.

3. She is in pain during or after sex.

Although the occasional bang session can be just what she wants, typically women like soft and sensual sex. If she complains of backaches, pain down there, or an overall soreness then you are doing it wrong. If you do it right she will leave feeling better than before.

4. You only have 2 positions.

While a go-to move isn't necessarily a bad thing, only using it and one other move is. Women require excitement and diversity in the bedroom, and they sure as heck aren't going to go raving to their girlfriends about some dude who only had 2 moves up his sleeve. Experiment and try a couple new moves if you want to step up your game.

5. She has to guide you.

Don’t get it twisted, listening to what makes her feel good is essential to being a good lover but there is a difference between listening and getting instructions. Women want what they want and some of them aren't afraid to tell you that you suck, they just do so in the form of instructions. If you have had more than one sack session that involved getting explicit instructions from your partner, then you probably aren't that great in bed.

Even if you relate to all of the signs listed on our countdown it doesn't mean you can’t improve. Step up your game and learn what makes women tick to get a better reaction from the ladies in the bedroom.

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