How to Survive a Breakup And Heal Faster

Six Tips to Survive a BreakupBreaking up is bad enough; it's learning to accept her decision to leave you that hurts. So how do you survive a breakup, Coming to terms with that means making a few decisions of your own. Follow these tips to survive a breakup and get back in the game.

1. Admit You're Mad

The usual response to getting hurt is getting angry. But do it in a constructive way by acknowledging your anger and directing it towards the things that annoyed you in your relationship. After a while you'll be glad you're out and you won't fall into the cycle of anger that makes you the kind of guy no one wants to be around.

2. Kick Her out of Your Head

One of the first things to do when you break up with someone is to do something physical. Take a run, a walk, a hike, something to release all of that pent up energy and get your endorphins into high gear.

3. Guys Night Out

This is the perfect time for you to gather your closest guy friends and have a night or weekend on the town. It doesn't have to be an expensive blow out. Do something you want to do, that will make you laugh and get her out of your head. Just remember to keep the alcohol to a minimum. The last thing you want to do is drunk-dial your ex.

4. Get Out of Limbo

All your pictures and keepsakes from the relationship keep you in limbo. They give you hope that she'll come back. You need to get over that by having a bonfire in her honor. All the pictures and items that tie you to the relationship need to be burned so that you can crawl out of the limbo. Whether she returns or not is her choice; whether you accept her back is yours.

5. Do Something Fun Solo

Remember those things activities that you always wanted to do but couldn't because she didn't like them or didn't want to. Now's your chance. Do some fun stuff solo; learn how to cook or take golf lessons. You'll meet new people and rebuild your self-confidence.

6. Get Motivated

As the saying goes, "living well is the best revenge." You shouldn't let this breakup make you fall behind in life. Getting your heart broken is great motivation to help you live well and be better. Use it to push yourself at work, to get focused at the gym or to take a chance at new business opportunities. Create a better life for yourself because of your heartbreak.

Getting over her takes time but getting started on the right foot makes a difference in how you survive a breakup.

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