How To Build a Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

Starting and sustaining a healthy relationship is considered one of the hardest things to do. There are different reasons why building the foundation of a relationship can be tough. There are a number of elements that get into the picture that can undermine the relationship no matter how tough and experienced you are. Starting with […]

Finding a Job That Values Healthy Employees

Finding a Job That Values Healthy Employees

Finding a job can be hard work from the very start. Now in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted the unemployment rate, it is more important than ever to find a workplace that values healthy employees. From the initial search to sending your resume to dozens of companies to getting […]

Relationship Advice For Men To Follow

Relationship advice for men

Relationships can fade over time when the butterflies disappear and the hot spontaneous intimacy goes away with increasing family and work demands. But there is still hope, follow this simple relationship advice for men that can save your dying relationship. At the beginning of a relationship your partner can do no wrong, they are always […]

5 Signs You are in a Serious Relationship


Are you confused about where your serious relationship is going? Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us. In fact, one moment you are on a date, mesmerized by her fluttery eyelashes, next moment you find yourself sitting across having the dreaded ‘talk’ which include words like ‘moving in’, ‘getting a pet’ or neon-light […]

Relationship Rules To Improve Your Life

Five Ways to Improve Your Sexlife

As a relationship evolves the “gotta have it now” feeling changes into a more intimate and long lasting sort of love. This is a natural evolution of a relationship, but oftentimes these changes can cause a gap where your love and affection are on one side while your sexlife is on the other. When this […]

How to Avoid Relationship Misunderstandings

What You Said. What She Heard

While men tend to see things in simple, straightforward, black-and-white terms, women are all about subtlety, nuance and shades of gray. So gentlemen, beware. When you speak to a woman, she’s not hearing what you actually said. She’s hearing what she would mean if she said those same words. Yes, it’s confusing. But we’re here […]

Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship

Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship

A bad relationship can be many things, from emotional or physical inadequacy to emotional or physical abuse. The signs you’re in a bad relationship can be subtle or glaringly obvious to some and then not so much to others, so knowing the common signs of a bad relationship can help to stop the relationship before […]

Relationship Troubles Ways To Solve Them

Tackling Relationship Troubles

How to spot if you have relationship troubles, Very few couples will go through an entire relationship span without a single argument. Those that do often cite a lack of spark as reason to end things. The fact is argument, as part of a healthy dialogue, is essential to the growth of a relationship. However, […]

Building Trust after Cheating To Restore The Relationship

How to Regain Your Partner's Trust after Cheating

Trust after cheating is very hard to build, When trust has been broken between partners, regaining the once healthy relationship can take a lot of work and sacrifice. This is mostly true when your partner has cheated on you, or if you are the one who has cheated on her. Anger, temper and betrayal may […]

Jealousy and Relationships Tips On How To Fix It

Danger of Jealousy and Relationships

Jealousy and relationships is a lot of things to different people—some believe it signals true love, others see a lack of trust and possessiveness. Whatever it really is, jealousy and relationships usually have a negative outcome however endearing the gesture may seem at first. After time it only shows how untrusting and unstable you are […]

How to Balance Your New Relationship and Your Friends

How to Balance Your New Relationship and Your Friends

The major difference between being single and being in a new relationship is that you no longer spend most of your time with your buddies. Relationships can cause a major rift between you and your long-term buddies if you are not careful. If you really care about your friends but also want to keep your […]

How To Compromise in a Relationship

Importance of Compromise in a Relationship

Compromise in a relationship can be likened to a rollercoaster ride- at one point, you and your partner are enjoying the companionship and relationship, and after some time you end up hating each other. This is an expected development when it comes to maintaining relationships, and it is important that everyone must be ready for […]

How to Use Cheat Meals in Your Diet

How to Use Cheat Meals in Your Diet

Extreme diets are generally rooted in failure due to the body being deprived from fat and carbohydrates for too much of an extended period of time. Such deprivation will only result in the body developing natural and intense cravings for cheat meals for these foods. On occasion a person will feel an uncontrollable nudge which […]

The 5:2 Diet: What is it, and Does it Work?

The 5:2 Diet: What is it, and Does it Work

Many of us unfortunately have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. We tend to favor foods that are rich in fats, sugars, additives, flavorings, and preservatives, and shy away from fresh, natural, and healthy foods. Not surprisingly a great deal of people all over the world often struggle with their weight which is why worldwide […]

CBD and Sex Drive – How CBD Can Save Your Sex Life

cbd and sex drive

Apart from pleasure, sex is therapeutic and offers fantastic benefits to the body. Do justice to your body by reading this article to gain incredible insights on why CBD and sex drive are inseparable. Nothing is more embarrassing than going through episodes of low sex drive. It kills relationships and degrades self-esteem. Mainly, people associate […]

Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting Effects on Energy

Whenever we hear of the keto diet and intermittent fasting, thoughts of weight loss quickly creep into our minds. But there is more to it. These diet plans are steadily gaining popularity among the masses due to their influence on energy and sleep. All kinds of meal plans have an impact on your energy levels […]

Four Ways to Have Better Erections

Four Ways to Have Better Erections

Many men suffer from performance issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) that can cause a wealth of problems from lowered self-esteem to the ability to please a lover when the mood strikes them. There are many medications and treatments out there to help with this issue, but they can oftentimes be costly to get. So […]

Health Tips To Start When You Hit 30

health tips to follow at 30

In this world, most people are perplexed about the health tips that are to be followed when they turn 30. The common fact is that hitting 30 can be rough with both mental and physical stress as you are moving from youth to adulthood. Even if you are in good physical condition and have good […]

Friends with benefits: Rules You Should Follow

The Rules for Friends with Benefits

One of the most millennial terms of this century is friends with benefits. It gives you all the relationship benefits without a real-life relationship, and there are no strings attached between you two. It is quite liberating that you can go to that person without any constraints and reap all the benefits of a relationship […]

Inspiring Before and After Weight Loss Stories

before and after

Every now and then, we come across some amazing before and after weight loss stories that leave us both baffled and inspired. These stories are not just a small dip on the scale but massive, jaw-dropping transformations. These before and after success stories help us push the boundaries and limitations of our bodies. Also, it […]

Net worth of Bradley Cooper – A Star is Born

bradley cooper

The famed actor of The Hangover Series, Bradley Cooper, is definitely one of Hollywood’s hottest commodities. In fact, his new movie A Star is Born with co-star Lady Gaga has already earned him nominations at the 2019 Golden Globes and Oscars. Besides, he is nominated for the best director and the best actor for A […]

Everyday Lifestyle: How To Complement Someone

everyday lifestyle

Criticizing and complaining has ingrained itself so firmly in our everyday lifestyle, that it is almost impossible to get away from it! We do it almost subconsciously, without being aware of the effect it has on us and our everyday lifestyle. However, it is no surprise that it is doing us no good. It is […]

Anxiety Symptoms Warning Signs to Look Out For

Anxiety Symptoms Warning Signs to Look Out For

With changes in lifestyle, anxiety can crept into our lives along with higher levels of stress. Anxiety might not seem so bad to people who do not suffer from it. However, it has a not so pleasant impact on people who live with it on a regular basis. Not only does it negatively affect people […]

What Kind of Boyfriend Exactly are You?

What Kind of Boyfriend are You

Understanding What Kind of Boyfriend are You or lover you are is the first step in understanding how your relationship benefits you and how it could hurt you as well. The kind of boyfriend you are determines the way in which you approach a relationship. Ultimately the way in which the course of your relationship […]

How Time Restricted Eating Can Help Your Weight Loss

Time Restricted Eating

Are you a man, struggling with shedding off some body fat, well Time Restricted Eating can help your weight loss and might be just a game changer. You probably have tried several means but to no avail. There is some good news you never would believe at first sight. Yes, because it is that- incredible. […]

Can Junk Food Damage your Brain?

Can Junk Food Damage your Brain

At the insistence of many nutritionists, scientists, healthcare professionals, and health advocates there is emerging evidence showing a strong correlation between the chronic diseases and poor nutrition like junk food that warrant urgent policy, legislative and public health interventions. There is an epidemic of diabetes and obesity in America that needs to be addressed. Obesity, […]

How Meditation Techniques can Improve Your Fitness

How Meditation Techniques can Improve Your Level of Fitness

Taking a traditionally Eastern approach to health and fitness techniques is rapidly becoming a popular novelty within Western countries during the last few years. One of these specific practices includes the use of meditation techniques to cultivate and increase energy levels within the body. One of these techniques used is a Chinese meditation known as […]

Best Motivational Tips For Working Out

Motivational Tips to Get Through a Tough Workout

We have all been privileged to the vast amounts of information on the health benefits on why we should have some levels of exercise routine incorporated within our daily lifestyle. But sometimes you need that extra push to take your workout to the next level, check out these motivational tips to get you tough workout […]

How to Keep Your Sex Life Exciting In The Bedroom

How to Keep Excitement in Your Sex Life

The first time one gets to touch someone intimately is always invigorating. New couples have lots of fun and excitement when it comes to their sex life. The “honeymoon” period, as they call it, is one of the best stages in a relationship. It’s all roses, chocolates and sex full of pleasure. However, when the […]

Boost your Testosterone With These Naturally Tips

8 Ways you Can Boost your Testosterone Naturally

When a man begins to experience symptoms including loss of sex drive, depressed moods, lack of concentration, memory loss, and erectile dysfunction; low testosterone levels are generally to blame and it is suggested that you boost your testosterone levels and be tested as soon as possible to determine the direct causes of your symptoms. Top […]

Getting Back Together with your Ex Destiny or Disaster?

Getting Back Together with your Ex Destiny or Disaster

We all know those couples who break up only to get right back together then break up again. So what’s the deal with those on again off again relationships and do they ever work in the long term? The key to answering this question is to identify the problem at hand and then identify if […]

Sleep Naked: Reason Why Everyone Should

Why You Should Sleep Naked

For thousands of years man slept in caves, under trees, and in prairies completely nude. Why? Mainly because they didn’t have clothes. Today although we have pjs, boxers, and maybe even a few tighty-whiteys in between our sheets and our skin most rarely sleep naked. Is there any scientific evidence to support the claims of […]

Cardiovascular Health and Sex – It’s Good for Your Heart

Cardiovascular Health and Sex – It’s Good for Your Heart

We don’t mean those little red and pink Valentine’s Day hearts… we mean your actual heart – the hardest working, most important muscle in your body. The American Journal of Cardiology reported the findings of a 16-year study of men and the correlation between cardiovascular health and sex. Why sex its good for your heart […]

Competition in the Weight Room Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Competition in the Weight Room

Let’s face it, competition in the weight room is fueled by testosterone and guys who want to be the best at what they do. Some men who lift can ignore what others are doing but others can be very observant of other people’s progress; this sometimes leads to jealousy and a hindrance to your workout- […]

Is it me or is it Low T? Your testosterone May too low

Is it me or is it Low T

Is low T dragging you down? It’s a fact that men’s testosterone levels gradually drop about 1% to 2% a year after you hit age 40. But more and more men are experiencing larger drops than normal for their age. Since testosterone is what gives males their manly characteristics like facial hair, deepened voice and […]

Is Pornography Cheating With Your Partner?

Is Pornography Cheating

Pornography are just pictures… right? Pictures of adult women that chose to take their clothes off and pose nude for a magazine they knew millions of people would see. You don’t actually know or socialize with those women. You’re not asking your girlfriend or wife to get plastic surgery to look like them. Why on […]

Medical Tests All Men Need to Take

Medical Tests All Men Need to Take

If going to the doctor for your medical tests routine doesn’t sound nearly all that appealing you’re not alone. However the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality can lead to larger problems down the road. The key to preventative care is catching conditions before they go untreated. Leaving conditions untreated can be dangerous […]

Adult Movies – Too Much of a Good Thing?

Adult Movies - Too Much of a Good Thing

Adult movies often get a bad rap… usually from people with moral objections, sometimes from partners in a relationship with self-esteem issues, and even with health-care providers and law enforcement agencies because of the unregulated nature of the business. But can it really be detrimental to your sex life? The answer is yes, if pursued […]

Birth Control for the Modern Age Man

Men's Birth Control for the Modern Age

For decades now, women have shouldered the lion’s share of the responsibility regarding birth control. Sure, respectable men always wear condoms, but they’ve got a failure rate of up to 15%. Birth Control for men, finally the answer to our prayers? Unplanned Pregnancy That means even when used correctly, up to 15 out of every […]

How To Deal With a Office Romance

The Pitfalls of an Office Romance

Every guy loves the idea of having a office romance with the hot secretary in his office. You imagine wild nights spent enjoying each other with no repercussions the next day at work. Too bad that isn’t exactly how things work. The Dangers of an office romance In fact, hooking up at work can lead […]

What is The Most Common Fitness Goals

Bucket List Fitness Goals

Men when beginning a fitness program often do so with a list of possibilities they would like to accomplish in their lifetime generally referred to as the fitness bucket list. Creating a bucket list in many circumstances serves as a motivational guideline to the individual to maintain healthy lifestyle allowing them to follow through on […]

How to Boost Sex Drive With Natural Herbs

Natural Herbs to Boost Sex Drive

For men who want to boost sex drive, libido and sex drive in general, can often be something which could potentially cause them a certain amount of embarrassment and anxiety. Sure, when things are going well, then it’s absolutely great, but there are unfortunately certain factors that must be taken into consideration, when discussing libido […]

How To Be Good in Bed And Satisfy Her

Traits that Make You Good in Bed

Every man dreams is to be good in bed and be the best stud she’s ever had but what separates the ok guys in the sack from the Super Bowl champs? Well, as with many other things in the bedroom women are looking more at your emotional traits than precisely what you do in the […]

How Often Should You Orgasm A Day

The orgasm is a natural experience for both males and females alike so how often should you orgasm. It is often thought that most men experience a greater frequency of orgasms than women do on a regular basis. However, it seems as though both sexes require orgasms for mental stimulation more than they do for […]

Turn Her On Tips To Get Her In The Mood

Surprising Ways to Turn Her On

Women are tricky creatures when trying to make love to your woman you have to know that special spot to turn her on. Women have been both mesmerizing and frustrating men for thousands of years, and it is no different today. However, over the years we may feel that we’ve narrowed down the likes and […]

Grooming Down There Tips for Your Lady

How to Get Your Woman to Groom Down There

Women are sensitive creatures. In the 21st century women are all about exerting themselves and proving their independence from men so how do you tell your woman to groom down there. We are all for women being true to themselves, but sometimes we have our own needs. If you find yourself wishing your girl had […]

6 Ways Exercise Make you Smarter Than You Think

Can Exercise Make you Smarter

For years scientific researchers have tried to determine a link between cardiovascular diseases and factors associated with physical and emotional values in human beings. Many health professionals however have been able to identify a distinctive relationship between the mental ability of a person and exercising so does exercise make you smarter. Here is a little […]

How to Know if a Woman is Taking Advantage of You

How to Know if a Woman is Taking Advantage of You

It’s one thing to be unsure about certain aspects of your relationship. A certain amount of uncertainty is healthy because it keeps you on your toes. It’s another to be unsure about everything in your relationship or even if you’re in a relationship. If you suspect that things aren’t right between you and her, here […]

How To Look Younger With Amazing Sex

How Sex Can Make You Look Younger

Sex feels good, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to the male sex. But as science has expanded its understanding of the human body they have learned there are more benefits to sex it can make you look younger and not just pleasure. If you are looking […]

Successful Couples What Is Their The Secrets

Secrets of Successful Couples

What’s the secrets with successful couples, If you do a quick search on the web on marriages, you will find out that the stats suggest that marriages are like sand castles because they can collapse when wind blows or the tides get high. With these odds however, there are some couples that are regarded as […]

The Truth about Losing Belly Fat in Men

The Truth about Losing Belly Fat in Men

The University of Alabama at Birmingham decided to look specifically at the relationship between cardiovascular disease, diabetes and belly fat in men. They took 137 men from all ages as well as different sizes and used seven key different measurements in order to determine their risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes or pre-diabetes. Also what […]

Benefits of Citrus Fruits That are Amazing

The Amazing Benefits of Citrus Fruits

For a long time citrus fruits have been highly recommended as an effective ingredient in a nutritious, healthy and tasty diet. They have been widely recognized as a rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber are essential and fundamental in the natural growth and development process. Over the years a greater appreciation has been […]

Highly Sensitive Woman: Tips On How To Handle Her

Tips to Handle an Over Sensitive Woman

For many women, many of their personal preferences are tied into how they feel about people. A woman might not prefer to eat a corned beef sandwich, for example, but if she had a great time eating one with someone, she won’t be as opposed to eating another one. Whether it is a hard day […]

Mistakes Men Make When Approaching a Woman

Mistakes Men Make When Approaching a Woman

Mistakes some men make when approaching a woman. Why are some men able to approach women with confidence and succeed while others seem to get rejected before they even open their mouths? The men who are rejected often may be committing one of the most common mistakes men make with woman. Review this list of […]

How To Apologizing To Your Woman

As men, from time to time we just do dumb “things” that apologizing to the person you hurt is the right thing to do. And we all know the saying if momma ain’t happy then ain’t nobody happy. It seems as though most men could you a little work in the apologizing department, so luckily […]

Health Benefits of Hugs – Why you Should Hug Daily

Feeling stressed out or just plain angry just give someone a hug it might surprise you how much it will help you. Turns out Ari from HBO’s Entourage was on to something with his now-famous “Let’s Hug it Out” catch-phrase. The truth is that the health benefits of hugs are more powerful than we ever […]

Chocolate For Making Love Sweetly

Whether you’re a chocoholic or you know someone who is (and hey, who doesn’t?), there’s a variety of ways to sweeten up your sex life with the delightful taste of chocolate. Men and ladies both love chocolate flavored body powders. They dust on lightly, sometimes with a bit of shimmer, and when kissed off deliver […]