Sexiest Women of the Sochi Winter Olympics

The winter Olympics have arrived in Sochi and so have all of the hot ladies who will be taking to the slopes, ice and rinks. Not all of these sexy ladies can take home the gold but at least they can look damn sexy while competing.

Here are the top 10 Sexiest Women of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

1. Julia Mancuso

Skiing – Team USA – This sexy skier has the looks and the talent to back it up. She took gold in the giant Slalom back in the ’06 games won two Silver medals in 2010 and took home the Bronze in 2014.

Julia Mancuso

2. Anna Sidorva

Curling – Russia – This sexy brunette is a two time Olympian on the Russian Curling Team. Who knew curling could be so sexy?

Anna Sidorva

3. Hannah Teeter

Snowboarding – Team USA – This blonde bombshell is a three time Olympian who took gold in ’06, silver in ’10 and should be at the top of the contenders lists for gold again in Sochi.

Hannah Teeter

4. Silje Norendal

Snowboarding, Norway - This sexy Scandinavian blonde made her debut at the Sochi Games. She is quickly becoming an intenet sensation and for good reason.

Silje Norendal

5. Lolo Jones

Bobsled, Team USA – This sexy raven haired beauty is a household name in the world of Track & Field and looks to get on the medal stand for the first time as a member of the bobsled team.

Lolo Jones

6. Allison Baver

Speed Skating – Team USA – This sexy brunette heats up the ice rink with her kicking curves and speedy skating. She is a 3 time Olympian and was awarded the Bronze in the relay in 2010.

Allison Baver

7. Anna Prugova

Ice Hockey – Russia – This sexy blonde takes to the ice on the Russian Hockey Team. Not only is she smoking hot but she’s tough too.

 Anna Prugova

8. Clair Bidez

Snowboarding – Team USA – This sexy blonde from Colorado is a pro snowboarder and model and has even graced the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Clair Bidez

9. Ekaterina Galkina

Curling Russia – This sexy Russian is a 3 time Olympian and makes brushing a little stone over ice oh so sexy.

Ekaterina Galkina

10. Alexandra Saitova

Curling - Russia- This sexy blonde will be making her Olympic debut in Sochi and with yet another sexy Russian on the Curling team I think they will be getting some serious air time this year.

Alexandra Saitova

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