7 Ways to Shock Your Muscles into Faster Growth

How to Shock Your Muscles into Faster GrowthMost individuals with a slender physique and fast metabolism often find it quite difficult to achieve their desired muscle mass. There are however effective methods bodybuilders and fitness trainers have used over the years to step up their muscle growth.  In such training individuals through the use of specific programs designed to allow the individual to eat more, while scheduling a precise training program so the question becomes how do you shock your muscles growth.

Exercises to shock your muscles to stimulating muscle growth

Target the major body parts

Many of these workouts used by fitness professionals often begin with a training routine designed to target the major body parts employing a series of basic multi-joint exercises to allow the individual to increase their muscle growth and core strength to perform lifts using much heavier weights such as in the bench press, barbell rows and overhead presses.

High Frequency Workouts

High frequency workouts are often the core principle of these training workouts viewed by many in the bodybuilding industry as the foundation to building muscle mass. Low intensity workouts although occasionally used in training routines where they are performed for longer duration’s have not been found to be as effective in providing the ideal conditions to produce sufficient muscle stress and rebuilding to stimulate quick muscle growth. Strength training for periods of about an hour daily and performed three to four times per week at a high frequency training exercises have been found to provide more than adequate stress for the target muscles allowing for faster growth.

Max your weight to keep your muscles growing

Often during these training sessions the individual is required to lift the maximum weights possible while maintaining the proper technique. Trainers have been able to determine the maximum weights of an individual by allowing the person to lift varying weights in six to ten reps increasing the weights until the individual reaches to the point of total exhaustion.

Maintain Intensity and lift explosively

The exercises performed in the strength training workout should be performed explosively to stimulate quicker muscle growth. Typically the training is defined by lifting the weights for a duration of time rather than the number of reps completed to provide a more rigorous workout.

Keep your form

Maintaining the correct technique for the required exercises is a key factor in muscle growth and developing strength. Beginners to strength training are urged to work along with a trainer to assist them in maintaining a comfortable rep count relative to their strength capabilities allowing themselves to attain a comfortable groove for each exercise set ensuring the training is never performed to the point of failure.

Target different muscle groups

Strength training should be performed to alternatively target different muscle groups within each workout to prevent overtraining of selective muscle tissue. Training should recognize the targeting of different muscle groups through high frequency workouts two to three times per week such as targeting the chest, biceps and triceps in one workout. Legs in another workout, followed by the abdominal muscles and chest again in a third workout.

Mix up your workout to avoid a training plateau

When training your muscles to stimulate faster growth many professional bodybuilders recommend individuals to avoid plateaus when training. Performing the exact training exercises consistently is never a recipe for progressive muscle growth. As such training individuals have often been urged to increase the training weights used, additionally alternating the types of exercises thus exposing the muscle tissue to a variety of training forms to quickly enhance their muscle growth.

Active rest and recovery

Finally scheduling an active rest period between training workouts is highly important to shock your muscles and ultimately necessary for muscle growth. Muscle development can only be achieved after completing a successful training exercise, allowing the muscles to repair themselves to gain mass which when translated equates to muscle growth and enhanced strength.

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