Best Bodyweight Exercises To Build Muscle for Men

Top 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for MenFor years bodyweight exercises have been used as simple yet effective method of training perfumed just about anywhere for men to improve their balance, flexibility muscle build and strength without the use of any exercise machines.

 The top 10 best bodyweight exercises for men are as follows:

1. The Push-up

perfect pushup

Used as part of the typical strength training workout, the push-up is known for effectively targeting not only the shoulders, triceps and pectorals but is also an excellent exercise to stabilize the lower back and trunk. The exercise is easily performed in a number of variations by the positioning of the hands and feet such as in the hindus, and EQI and push-up plus.

2. Bodyweight Squats

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Bodyweight squats are known for their massive conditioning benefits by simultaneously targeting a wide range of muscle groups within the body in addition to increasing mobility within the hip, knee and ankle joints.

The Bodyweight squat is easily performed against the wall for beginners to endure the proper technique is maintained or as part of a bodyweight circuit workout.

3. Pull-Ups

pull up variations

Undoubtedly one of the best exercises for building upper back muscles pull-ups are also known for the added advantage as being one of the most adaptable exercises used in any workout.

Modifying the Pull-Up:

▪ Using an alternative means for conducting the pull-up such as a thick towel, rope or an offset grip.

▪ Adjusting the linear movement by performing the exercise using a lateral movement, or executing an I-sit or leg lift with each rep of the exercise.

4. Bulgarian Split Squats

The Split Squat - How to Incorporate this Power Leg Exercise in your Workout Basic

One of the best bodyweight exercises to build muscle and leg strength, Bulgarian Split Squats are notable for increasing knee stability and hip mobility. The exercise is often performed in variation by holding a load such as a sandbag during the overhead movement in a bear hug at your chest.

5. The Plank

Best Exercises to Build Your Obliques and Firm Your Core - Side Plank

Often referred as the abdominal bridge or front hold, the plank is recognized as an isometric form of strength training targeting a range of the core muscles including the abdominals, back, and shoulders by requiring the person training to hold a strenuous position during the exercise movement for a prolonged period of time.

6. Abdominal Roll-Outs

Seen as an advanced modification of the traditional plank exercise, the Abdominal Roll-Out increases the muscles within the torso for improved strength when performing compound based ground exercises.

The exercise however observes a dissimilarity to the plank by the recruiting of the upward body movement while maintaining a rigid torso in what is categorized as a resting tension.

7. The Lunge

bottoms up lunge

A fairly easy exercise for beginner athletes the lunge is one of the best exercises for increasing muscular build in a variety of muscle groups such as the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus (buttocks). Typically a short lunge will primarily target the quadriceps while a long lunge will tend to more effectively engage the gluteals.
One popular variation of the lunge is the plyometric lunges or split squat jumps which is performed by quickly jumping in-between lunge positions.

8. The Bear Crawl

The bear crawl is great upper body circuit training exercise known for increasing muscular build, strength and endurance in the individual within the shoulders, chest and triceps.

9. Burpees

burpee class

One of the more effective full body exercises used today in a number of strength training routines or as part of an aerobic workout. As not many people are accustomed to performing the burpee I'll give a short illustration shown below.
How to perform the burpee:

▪ Begin the exercise in an upright position

▪ Lower yourself into a squat allowing your hands to touch the ground

▪ Keeping your arms extended kick both your feet your feet backwards, perform a push-up

▪ Quickly return both your feet to the squat position

▪ Jump up from the squat to complete a single rep

10. The Crunch

One of the most commonly used abdominal exercises, the crunch has been used in several workouts to target the rectus abdominal muscles as well as the obliques by curling the shoulders towards the pelvis.

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