Female Climax Best Moves to Make Her Achieve It

female climax

When it comes to female climax the goal of every sex session with a woman is to make her come to an orgasm for complete satisfaction. Obviously that is your goal as well, but very few women need help getting the man to have an orgasm which is why this article is all about helping […]

How to get Her in the Mood With These Ideas

Date Ideas to get Her in the Mood

Dates are really just a man’s way of foreplay to get her in the mood. We think that if we buy her enough expensive food and wine that she will be ours at the end of the night. Guess again. There are good date ideas and there are bad date ideas. Good date ideas will […]

How to Keep Your Sex Life Exciting In The Bedroom

How to Keep Excitement in Your Sex Life

The first time one gets to touch someone intimately is always invigorating. New couples have lots of fun and excitement when it comes to their sex life. The “honeymoon” period, as they call it, is one of the best stages in a relationship. It’s all roses, chocolates and sex full of pleasure. However, when the […]

Change Up Your Sex Routine To Spice Up Your Love Life

Move Your Sex Routine Out of the Bedroom

The key to any great relationship is learning how to reinvent yourself and reinvent your relationship in the sex arena like change your sex routine. No matter how compatible or how in love you are with the other person at one time or another you are bound to get a little bored with your everyday […]

How To Get out Of a Sexual Dry Spell

Curing a Sexual Dry Spell

All long term relationships are full of ups and downs and changes as time goes on. Once the excitement of the first few years wears off some couples can find themselves in a sexual dry spell where the sex just literally stops. Reasons why a Sexual Dry Spell happens:  Relationship conflict/ intimacy issues Often time […]

How To Last Longer in Bed And Please Your Partner

Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues many men. To last longer in bed enhances sexual pleasure and is desired by all. Most men think that by staying longer they can bring greater enjoyment to their partners and are looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance. Before you pop any pills. Here are some […]

Sexual Performance Anxiety How To Cope With It

Understanding Sexual Performance Anxiety

The moment is right. You’re in a romantic setting. Your partner’s in the mood. Both of you are definitely aroused. Can someone please relay the message to your penis?! What’s the deal? It can be both frustrating and embarrassing when an erection doesn’t appear on cue.  However, sexual performance anxiety is completely natural and it happens to […]

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs How Not To Abuse It

Using and Abusing Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

For the many men that legitimately suffer from erectile dysfunction, drugs like Viagra, Cialis and others offer a chance to enjoy life to its fullest. However, like any drug, these prescription medications carry a number of risks. And for those that use the drugs recreationally for sexually pleasure, these risks are amplified. Guide to using […]

How To Know if She is Faking It With You

Signs to Let You Know if She is Faking It

There is a subject that plagues men of every race, age, creed, sexual experience and intelligence level… is she faking it? When you’re together and everything seems like it’s perfect you think you’re practically the second coming; she’s vocal and seems like she’s having the best time of her life and you’re right there with […]

Adult Movies – Too Much of a Good Thing?

Adult Movies - Too Much of a Good Thing

Adult movies often get a bad rap… usually from people with moral objections, sometimes from partners in a relationship with self-esteem issues, and even with health-care providers and law enforcement agencies because of the unregulated nature of the business. But can it really be detrimental to your sex life? The answer is yes, if pursued […]

How to Tell if Your Woman is in the Mood

Ways to Know if Your Woman is in the Mood

Women are incredibly complicated creatures and sometimes it’s hard to know if they are in the mood. They love money, but they shop too much. They need love but always want the bad guy who treats them poorly. And when it comes to sex a whole new level of complicated is applied. If you find […]

How Often Should You Orgasm A Day

The orgasm is a natural experience for both males and females alike so how often should you orgasm. It is often thought that most men experience a greater frequency of orgasms than women do on a regular basis. However, it seems as though both sexes require orgasms for mental stimulation more than they do for […]

How Many Calories Burned During Sex

How Many Calories Burned During Sex

Every man loves having sex. It’s like Christmas and Birthday’s combined with calories burned during sex. We get to enjoy our beautiful wives/girlfriends and ourselves all at the same time. Most men know that sex is fun, but not many think of it as a workout. As it turns out, high energy and up-tempo sack […]

Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Last

Why Long Distance Relationships Don't Last

When it comes to long distance relationships different people will have different ideas and thoughts. Some will have their own ideas and creative tricks on how to sustain relationships and different kinds of arrangements. They try constant date nights, meet-ups, romantic getaways and even splurging on food and accommodations from time to time. But there’s […]