What is the Average Man Penis Size?

What is the Average Penis Size

It is the age old question men have asked themselves since the invention of language, what’s my penis size am I smaller than average? The fact is, women love large penises. Of course, whether a man penis size is large or small can sometimes be a matter of perspective. What determines a man’s penis size? […]

Average Penis Size And The Science Behind It

Science Behind Penis Size

Every guy wants their penis size to be bigger, longer, and fuller than any guy standing next to him. No dude wants to feel like he is less than desirable because the size of his penis doesn’t match up to other guys before him. Marketers and businesses are aware of this fear. To help us […]

Is Your Penis Too Big For Your Girlfriend To Enjoy Sex

Is Your Penis Too Big

As you read the title of this article you probably also heard a collective ‘no’ from women all over the world, but is this really true? Is there a point where penis length no longer makes a difference in female sexual satisfaction? Well thankfully for you there have been numerous studies on the subject that […]

Penile Enhancement Procedures Do They Work?

The Deal on Penile Enhancement Procedures and Products

For most men the size of their penis can either be a large ego boost or a constant sign of inadequacy. Having a small penis can lead to problems in the bedroom, issues with self-esteem and damage or even hinder romantic relationships due to feeling embarrassed or the partner showing a loss of desire with […]

Testicular Cancer- Get More Informed

Testicular Cancer- Get more informed this Year

Testicular Cancer is one of the most common cancer types for which young guys test positive. Men in the age group of 20-40 are more likely to develop it and often discover it on their own. The statistics hint that testicular cancer strikes at least one in 270 American men once in their life. This […]

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms Causes And Treatment

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition where a man is unable to get or maintain an erection for any significant period of time. For many men this can be an embarrassing and shocking moment that leaves you feeling like less of a man for being unable to pleasure yourself or your partner. The thing […]

Self Exams for Men You Definitely Should Do

Self Exams for Men

With all the awarness these days men are taking a closer look at their health and well-being and realizing these are not things you should take lightly. This is so important since most men don’t like to make a fuss about their health, and will only visit a doctor when it’s absolutely necessary. But that […]

Adult Toys To Electrify Your Love Life

Electrify Your Love Life with Adult Toys

There’s nothing like a little battery-operated accessorizing with adult toys to add some spark to your love life. And contrary to popular belief, the world of vibrators and electric motion adult toys are not just for self satisfaction anymore. Adding Adult Toys to the bedroom Choices and options have come a long way in the […]

Sexual Performance Anxiety How To Cope With It

Understanding Sexual Performance Anxiety

The moment is right. You’re in a romantic setting. Your partner’s in the mood. Both of you are definitely aroused. Can someone please relay the message to your penis?! What’s the deal? It can be both frustrating and embarrassing when an erection doesn’t appear on cue.  However, sexual performance anxiety is completely natural and it happens to […]

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs How Not To Abuse It

Using and Abusing Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

For the many men that legitimately suffer from erectile dysfunction, drugs like Viagra, Cialis and others offer a chance to enjoy life to its fullest. However, like any drug, these prescription medications carry a number of risks. And for those that use the drugs recreationally for sexually pleasure, these risks are amplified. Guide to using […]

Why She Isn’t Orgasming Can Be a Lot Of Reason

Reasons Why She Isn't Orgasming

We have all experienced that dreaded conversation after sex, did I do something wrong? What happened? I’ll get better, I promise. Failing to help your girl reach her sought after orgasm because she isn’t orgasming it is one of the worst feelings in the world for a man. How could you be such a failure? […]

Women Sex Life What Details do They Share

What Details do Women Share about Their Sex Life

A conversation about a woman sex life share between two men sounds like this: Hey bro did you sleep with that hot chick at the bar the other night? Yes. It was amazing!” That’s about as deep as the rabbit hole goes for us men. Details women share about their sex life We don’t care […]

The Worst Sex Positions You Should’t Try

The Worst Sex Positions

When you think of sex your mind probably doesn’t go straight to the bad stuff like the sweat, the thirst, and the awkward sex positions. While most positions leave you and your partner aching for more some of them just leave you, well, aching. Want to know which positions are considered the worst by both […]

Best Staying Power Tips For in the Bedroom

Tips for Extra Staying Power in the Bedroom

Second only to the size of a man’s penis, his staying power in the bedroom is the most important thing to any woman. Many men are constantly trying to improve their stamina, either through pills, medications, or devices. But what is the true secret to staying power in the bedroom? Does it have to involve […]

Female Anatomy all Men Should Know About

Five Things About the Female Anatomy all Men Should Know

The female anatomy is as confusing as the female mind to many men. It can be difficult to understand how their bodies work simply because most of it takes place on the inside. We are outward creatures who display every emotion or physical sensation we have on the exterior of our bodies. But if you […]

How to Enhance the Quality of your Erection

How to Enhance the Quality of your Erection

Every man wants to last and to have the strongest erection possible during sex but many guys suffer from less than desirable erections. Most guys put their confidence and their self-worth into the same equation and expect their bodies to be at peak performance levels at all times. But is that realistic? Probably not. However, […]

When She Is not Satisfied Sexually What To Do

Is she Too Nice to Tell You She's not Satisfied Sexually

There are certain signs to tell if your partner is not satisfied sexually. Would you describe your sex life as ok? Is your partner’s response to “are you satisfied with our sex life?” ‘um hum’? If you answered yes to both those questions then your sex life may be leaving your wife or woman less […]

5 Best Sex Positions to Go Deeper

Positions to Help you Go Deeper

Sex is amazing, and switching things up to increase both of your pleasure is equally as awesome. If you and your partner are looking to switch things up then consider changing your positions, literally. Deep penetration is the perfect way to stimulate her G-spot while getting the most out of your length. Get better at […]

Does Penile Enlargement Products Really Work?

Do Penile Enlargement Products Really Work

We’ve all had those nights where we find ourselves in front of the television watching infomercials about penile enlargement products. We ask ourselves, do these things really work? Lotions, oils, pills, ‘tools’, and exercises are all sold to us with the idea that if we try their product we will have a larger size than […]

Sex Toys: When Should You Bring Them In The bedroom

It’s actually a myth that women, as a species, don’t enjoy sex. You have to appreciate what enormous social pressure they’re under on a daily basis. They’re supposed to dress sexy, but not too sexy or they’ll be called sluts. They’re supposed to be smart, but not so smart that they make the men around […]