The Worst Sex Positions You Should’t Try

The Worst Sex Positions

When you think of sex your mind probably doesn’t go straight to the bad stuff like the sweat, the thirst, and the awkward sex positions. While most positions leave you and your partner aching for more some of them just leave you, well, aching. Want to know which positions are considered the worst by both […]

Shower Sex Positions Every Man Should Try

How to Have Steamy Shower Sex

There is no place left untouched by you and your lover in your home except for the challenging shower sex. Let’s face it, showers are generally small cramped and virtually unfit for two adult human beings. However, many a man has conquered their fear of this slippery wasteland and successfully pleasured his lover in the […]

New Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Sack Session

New Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Sack Session

Want to spice your love life up but don’t know how to? Well we’ve got you covered. If you or your significant other is constantly complaining about bedroom then you have come to the right place. When most people think of sex they think of sex positions, and more often than not it’s easy to […]

5 Best Sex Positions to Go Deeper

Positions to Help you Go Deeper

Sex is amazing, and switching things up to increase both of your pleasure is equally as awesome. If you and your partner are looking to switch things up then consider changing your positions, literally. Deep penetration is the perfect way to stimulate her G-spot while getting the most out of your length. Get better at […]

Best Positions to Finish Sex Step By Step

Best Positions to Finish Sex

When you Finish sex it is the best part of the entire act. You get an orgasm, she gets an orgasm, everybody gets an orgasm. But some people seem to think that the intense high you get from fully climaxing isn’t enough. There apparently are better positions to finish your sex session than just pounding […]

Bottom Sex Position Who Has The Ultimate Power

Being on Bottom During Sex

So do you think about being on the bottom sex position? A lot of men still seem to think that it’s their masculine duty to be the partner “on top” during sex. Likewise, there are a lot of women who believe the same thing. But you both may find more pleasure, enjoyment and new facets […]

What is Your Sex IQ? Take The Test To Know

What is Your Sex IQ

Ok so you’ve been sexual active for the past 20 years and are fairly confident that you know everything there is to know about sex. Maybe you’ve had several partners and a few long-term relationships, but how high is your sex IQ? What is your Sex IQ, genius or dunce? Do you know all the […]

Sex Slings – The Sling’s The Thing

Sex Slings - The Sling’s The Thing

When the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Archimedes first discovered the principles of leverage, he likely wasn’t thinking of how this would apply to the bedroom, but leverage is an important component of sexually activity. How the Sex Sling can Enhance your Sex Life. Reason why you should Sex slings Think about the way we’re […]

Sexercises – Exercises that Make You Good In Bed

Sexercises - Exercises that Make You Good In Bed

Not only is sex good for your heart but it’s great for your overall well being and mood. Regular Sexercises has been proven to boost testosterone, increase blood flow, improve flexibility and get you more in the mood to get busy. If you are like most men you really don’t care about the “health” reasons […]

Is Your Penis Too Big For Your Girlfriend To Enjoy Sex

Is Your Penis Too Big

As you read the title of this article you probably also heard a collective ‘no’ from women all over the world, but is this really true? Is there a point where penis length no longer makes a difference in female sexual satisfaction? Well thankfully for you there have been numerous studies on the subject that […]

Tantric Sex – How To Practice It With Your Partner

Tantric Sex - Less Can Be More

Few things intrigue the imagination as much as the idea of tantric sex. It’s whispered about in secret. It appears regularly in naughty jokes and conversation. Yet, few people really understand what it is. Many are actually surprised that it’s not about 17-hour intercourse like many believe. In fact, tantric lovemaking is revered as a […]

How Many Calories Burned During Sex

How Many Calories Burned During Sex

Every man loves having sex. It’s like Christmas and Birthday’s combined with calories burned during sex. We get to enjoy our beautiful wives/girlfriends and ourselves all at the same time. Most men know that sex is fun, but not many think of it as a workout. As it turns out, high energy and up-tempo sack […]

How To Cuddle Best Positions And The Health Benefits

To Cuddle or Not to Cuddle

Men and women often have a difference of opinion when it comes to cuddling. Women tend to love it, while men just want to be left alone. But there is science behind why women want to cuddle and its reason enough to make you want to do the same. Why do women like to cuddle? […]

Acting Young In Today’s World Stay In Shape

Stay In Shape by Acting Young In Today's World

Tired of getting injured every time you start trying to exercise or Acting Young to stay in shape? Or worse, when you’re not doing anything at all? A big part of avoiding “old age” injuries is remembering how your body worked in its youngest days. When you were a child, you did what worked best for your body. Because […]

How To Last Longer in Bed And Please Your Partner

Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues many men. To last longer in bed enhances sexual pleasure and is desired by all. Most men think that by staying longer they can bring greater enjoyment to their partners and are looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance. Before you pop any pills. Here are some […]

How To Deal With a Office Romance

The Pitfalls of an Office Romance

Every guy loves the idea of having a office romance with the hot secretary in his office. You imagine wild nights spent enjoying each other with no repercussions the next day at work. Too bad that isn’t exactly how things work. The Dangers of an office romance In fact, hooking up at work can lead […]

Female Anatomy all Men Should Know About

Five Things About the Female Anatomy all Men Should Know

The female anatomy is as confusing as the female mind to many men. It can be difficult to understand how their bodies work simply because most of it takes place on the inside. We are outward creatures who display every emotion or physical sensation we have on the exterior of our bodies. But if you […]