Health Tips To Start When You Hit 30

health tips to follow at 30

In this world, most people are perplexed about the health tips that are to be followed when they turn 30. The common fact is that hitting 30 can be rough with both mental and physical stress as you are moving from youth to adulthood. Even if you are in good physical condition and have good […]

Bottom Sex Position Who Has The Ultimate Power

Being on Bottom During Sex

So do you think about being on the bottom sex position? A lot of men still seem to think that it’s their masculine duty to be the partner “on top” during sex. Likewise, there are a lot of women who believe the same thing. But you both may find more pleasure, enjoyment and new facets […]

Sexual Leatherplay in the Bedroom – Who’s Whipped?

Leatherplay in the Bedroom - Who’s Whipped

Sexual leatherplay doesn’t have to conjure up images of a crazy dominatrix and some weird guy in a face mask… With a little smart shopping, the softness and strength of leather can lend a modest amount of excitement to the bedroom. All kidding from our article title aside, sexual leatherplay extends well beyond the typical […]

Boost your Testosterone With These Naturally Tips

8 Ways you Can Boost your Testosterone Naturally

When a man begins to experience symptoms including loss of sex drive, depressed moods, lack of concentration, memory loss, and erectile dysfunction; low testosterone levels are generally to blame and it is suggested that you boost your testosterone levels and be tested as soon as possible to determine the direct causes of your symptoms. Top […]

Better Sex Through Sleep Health Benefits

Better Sex Through Sleep

The more we learn about sleep, the more we learn how closely it is tied to a wide variety of body functions. Our sex drive is no exception. When sleep levels go down, stress levels tend to rise. And as that happens, cortisol (the main hormone associated with stress), starts to dial down the hormones […]

How To Get out Of a Sexual Dry Spell

Curing a Sexual Dry Spell

All long term relationships are full of ups and downs and changes as time goes on. Once the excitement of the first few years wears off some couples can find themselves in a sexual dry spell where the sex just literally stops. Reasons why a Sexual Dry Spell happens:  Relationship conflict/ intimacy issues Often time […]

Sexual Performance Anxiety How To Cope With It

Understanding Sexual Performance Anxiety

The moment is right. You’re in a romantic setting. Your partner’s in the mood. Both of you are definitely aroused. Can someone please relay the message to your penis?! What’s the deal? It can be both frustrating and embarrassing when an erection doesn’t appear on cue.  However, sexual performance anxiety is completely natural and it happens to […]

Metrosexual How Much Can A Man Love Himself

Metrosexual – How far is too far

Almost all guys like to look good and keep up their personal appearance but how much is too much? Now we’ve all heard of the term Metrosexual and the basic coconscious on the definition is a man who spends a lot of money and time on his appearance. Spending money and time on your appearance […]

Special Occasion Sex To Spice up Your life

Tips for Hot Special Occasion Sex

Every year around the time our wives, girlfriends, or partners turn another year older that can be a special occasion sex celebration, we are given the task of coming up with a truly awesome event. Anniversary time also presents a challenge where we are required to make it a night she won’t soon forget. However, […]

The Key to More Energetic Sex to Keep Up with Her

Tips to Keep Up with Her in Bed

So you’ve started dating this hot, energetic, and sexy girl and everything is going great except you can’t keep up with her when it comes to the bedroom. You find yourself out paced and out done in virtually every sense, and now you’re looking for a way out. But before you go running off, why […]

Best Staying Power Tips For in the Bedroom

Tips for Extra Staying Power in the Bedroom

Second only to the size of a man’s penis, his staying power in the bedroom is the most important thing to any woman. Many men are constantly trying to improve their stamina, either through pills, medications, or devices. But what is the true secret to staying power in the bedroom? Does it have to involve […]

Best Positions to Finish Sex Step By Step

Best Positions to Finish Sex

When you Finish sex it is the best part of the entire act. You get an orgasm, she gets an orgasm, everybody gets an orgasm. But some people seem to think that the intense high you get from fully climaxing isn’t enough. There apparently are better positions to finish your sex session than just pounding […]

Sexual Fantasies You Should Try Out

How to Bring Up Your Sexual Fantasies

Sex is awesome. It feels good and it brings us closer to our partners. But what if your sexual routine rarely deviates from the playbook? If you are like most men then you probably have hundreds of different fantasies swirling around in your brain and have no idea how to vocalize them. Sure, it’s easy […]

Top Sexiest MMA Wives and Girlfriends

Top 10 Sexiest MMA Wives and Girlfriends

Sexiest MMA wives and girlfriends, The guys of MMA are masculine, tattooed fighting machines. So it’s no wonder that they end up with some pretty hot chicks. Let’s take a look at the Sexiest MMA Wives and Girlfriends to get a firsthand look at the talent sitting ringside. Sexiest mma wives and girlfriends 1. Jenna […]

Tantric Sex – How To Practice It With Your Partner

Tantric Sex - Less Can Be More

Few things intrigue the imagination as much as the idea of tantric sex. It’s whispered about in secret. It appears regularly in naughty jokes and conversation. Yet, few people really understand what it is. Many are actually surprised that it’s not about 17-hour intercourse like many believe. In fact, tantric lovemaking is revered as a […]

Turn Her On Tips To Get Her In The Mood

Surprising Ways to Turn Her On

Women are tricky creatures when trying to make love to your woman you have to know that special spot to turn her on. Women have been both mesmerizing and frustrating men for thousands of years, and it is no different today. However, over the years we may feel that we’ve narrowed down the likes and […]

Marriage and Cancer Survival Tips

The Link between Marriage and Cancer Survival

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology their has been a link established between marriage and cancer survival. It was noted that married people have a 20% greater rate of surviving cancer than single, divorced or widowed individuals. That is a significant difference to consider. Even people who lived together without […]

Sex Toys: When Should You Bring Them In The bedroom

It’s actually a myth that women, as a species, don’t enjoy sex. You have to appreciate what enormous social pressure they’re under on a daily basis. They’re supposed to dress sexy, but not too sexy or they’ll be called sluts. They’re supposed to be smart, but not so smart that they make the men around […]

Swimming Workouts Tips Beginners Must Add to Training

Taking your workout to the pool is one of the best ways to get involved with a swimming workout plan that you can continue for many years to come. The cardiovascular benefits of swimming workouts compare pretty evenly with running or jogging, but without the pounding to your joints. As well, because swimming workouts forces […]

Relationship Advice For Men To Follow

Relationship advice for men

Relationships can fade over time when the butterflies disappear and the hot spontaneous intimacy goes away with increasing family and work demands. But there is still hope, follow this simple relationship advice for men that can save your dying relationship. At the beginning of a relationship your partner can do no wrong, they are always […]

Sending Nudes Think Before You Hit That Send Button

rules for sending nudes

Whether you are a twenty-something or not there are few things you should not do, before sending nudes of yourself to someone! Sexting is exciting, but you might live to regret it. You can enjoy the art of it, sending witty responses to sexting has its own charm. Also, just like physical sex, sending nudes […]

5 Signs You are in a Serious Relationship


Are you confused about where your serious relationship is going? Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us. In fact, one moment you are on a date, mesmerized by her fluttery eyelashes, next moment you find yourself sitting across having the dreaded ‘talk’ which include words like ‘moving in’, ‘getting a pet’ or neon-light […]

7 Simple and Smart Healthy Habits for Men Over 40

Simple, But Smart Health Habits for 40 Year Old Men

Is 40 really the new 25? There are thousands of articles about women over 40, but what about men over 40? Men just get better, right? After all, there is scientific proof that intellectual production peaks in your 40s. If you are going to win a Nobel Prize, your major research work is done in your 40s. If […]

Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

ways improve heart health – Heart disease is one of the biggest health issues to face men today with men 40% more likely to get and die from heart disease than women. Because of that it is important to take your heart health by the horns and proactively work towards improving the functionality and health […]

How To Build a Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

Starting and sustaining a healthy relationship is considered one of the hardest things to do. There are different reasons why building the foundation of a relationship can be tough. There are a number of elements that get into the picture that can undermine the relationship no matter how tough and experienced you are. Starting with […]

Fighting Fatigue And Combat Low Energy

Tips to Combat Low Energy and Fight Fatigue

Does low energy and fighting fatigue seem to be a daily struggle? A long-standing theory has recently resurfaced regarding that not-just-tired feeling. Undoubtedly, you know it well, that exhausted fatigue feeling that sweeps over both body and mind. Coffee is powerless against it. Even additional sleep seems to barely make a dent in the constant sluggish, foggy, […]

The Proper Nutrition to Fuel Men’s Health

The Proper Nutrition to Fuel Men’s Health

Proper nutrition to fuel men’s health. The phrase “big muscles are built in the kitchen” is a staple quote in any men’s health & fitness guide. Just as importantly there should be phrases such as “healthy hearts and minds are built in the kitchen” and, to a degree, “bedroom masters are built in the kitchen.” […]

The Many Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

The Many Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often over-looked by the average mom cooking for the family at home. But there are many athletes and health junkies who have seen the many benefits of sweet potatoes and have made sure to include the pure fat free a nutritionally-dense vegetable in their diet. In fact the sweet potato is ranked […]

Reading a Woman’s Smile – Is She Really Into You?

Reading a Woman’s Smile - Is She Really Into You

So how do you read a woman’s smile? For many men out there trying to figure out a woman’s intrest level is like an unspoken language. “There are tons of studies showing that men think women are interested when they’re not,” says researcher and psychologist Carin Perilloux of Williams College. Perillox and her colleagues conducted […]

How to Burn Calories Fast Without Exercise

Surprising Ways to Burn Calories

For the professional athlete or bodybuilder burn calories comes easily as taking an afternoon stroll. To the traditional gym goer burning calories means spending time at the local gym performing a series of workouts to maintain a healthy and fit physique. So what if you could burn calories fast without exercise would you try it. […]

How To Propose To Your Girlfriend Step By Step

Knowing When to Propose and How

There are several ways to tell if your relationship is on the fast track for you to propose, and several things to ask yourself if you’re a little unsure. First of all, do you have “the feeling?” The one deep down in your soul that tells you this is right, and she’s the one? Knowing […]

How To Last Longer in Bed And Please Your Partner

Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues many men. To last longer in bed enhances sexual pleasure and is desired by all. Most men think that by staying longer they can bring greater enjoyment to their partners and are looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance. Before you pop any pills. Here are some […]

How to Improve Your Relationship

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Relationships can be hard and sometimes they can feel like too much work to even bother anymore, but the simple truth is that anything worth having is worth working for it. Improving a relationship doesn’t have to be a big drawn out production, sometimes it’s the littlest things that can help to bring you and […]

How To Increase Your Sperm Count And Understand It

Understanding Your Sperm Count

Generally men assume that their sperm count is normal… that is, until certain men go to start a family and have trouble conceiving with their partners. The fact of the matter is that issues with sperm count, quality, and motility usually start years before most men take notice of it. What’s more, the characteristics of […]

Is Aveed the Answer for Low Testosterone?

Is Aveed the Answer for Low Testosterone

When it comes to overall manliness, it’s widely considered that those with higher levels of testosterone, are generally considered to be the most manly and alpha-type males, if you will have you heard about aveed. Is Aveed a New Hope for testosterone lacking males? Is aveed the answer low testosterone Testosterone is the dominant male […]

The Friend Zone: How To Break Through

Break Through the Friend Zone

Ever find yourself going out on a date with a girl you’re really into just to get the “you’re such a great friend” That’s call a friend zone, That just sucks and the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position be the shoulder to cry on or the ear to […]

Places She Wants to Be Touched But Won’t Say

Surprising Places She Wants to Be Touched

As men, we tend to believe there are only 3 areas a woman wants to be touched where she enjoy stimulation, her breasts, vagina, and butt. But that is far from the truth. Women crave spine tingling body stimulation and want to feel every sensation possible, but unfortunately we often fail to give them the […]

Manscaping Guide For Body Grooming

Shaving vs. Waxing What's the best Manscaping Method

Shaving vs waxing what’s best manscaping method. In the modern era shaving and waxing is no longer limited to female grooming in men it’s call manscaping. Nowadays, men are expected to be just as smooth and soft as their female counterparts and this often means manscaping. What exactly is manscaping? Manscaping primarily has to do […]

Dealing with Temptation When Your In A relationship

Dealing with Temptation

Dealing with temptation when You are in a committed relationship, temptation can strikes at anytime. Whether it’s the constant over-sexed images on TV or a temptation closer to home (say, your hot co-worker), over the course of your relationship you can be faced with the urge – and maybe even the opportunity – to cheat. […]

Female Anatomy all Men Should Know About

Five Things About the Female Anatomy all Men Should Know

The female anatomy is as confusing as the female mind to many men. It can be difficult to understand how their bodies work simply because most of it takes place on the inside. We are outward creatures who display every emotion or physical sensation we have on the exterior of our bodies. But if you […]

How To Be Good in Bed And Satisfy Her

Traits that Make You Good in Bed

Every man dreams is to be good in bed and be the best stud she’s ever had but what separates the ok guys in the sack from the Super Bowl champs? Well, as with many other things in the bedroom women are looking more at your emotional traits than precisely what you do in the […]

How to Enhance the Quality of your Erection

How to Enhance the Quality of your Erection

Every man wants to last and to have the strongest erection possible during sex but many guys suffer from less than desirable erections. Most guys put their confidence and their self-worth into the same equation and expect their bodies to be at peak performance levels at all times. But is that realistic? Probably not. However, […]

How Masturbation Can Make You Better in Bed

How Masturbation Can Make You Better in Bed

Every man on this planet masturbates from time to time, but did you know that masturbation can actually make you better in bed? Chances are you didn’t, but today we are here to fill you in on what makes masturbation such a great training tool for the real deal. Obviously, most women might disagree with […]

Differences of Men and Women Grooming

Grooming Differences of Men and Women

We know that men and women are different on many levels but as it turns out there are real biophysical differences that men need to address in order to have healthy skin. Let’s take a look at some of the grooming differences of men and women and some of the grooming products that are unisex […]

Growing Sideburns For Your Face Shape

Grooming and Growing Sideburns

Grooming and growing sideburns. Growing sideburns are a common form of facial hair for the modern man. They are generally accepted in both the social and business world at present, though not long ago it carried a rebellious connotation. Tips for growing sideburns like a pro The key to having sideburns in the business world […]

What Her Tattoo Says About The Kind Of Girl She Is

What Her Tattoo Says about Her

Tattoos have recently become more mainstream then ever and ladies have jumped full swing onto the bandwagon. But if you want to avoid certain types of ladies you may want to consider what type of tattoo she has. Of course, where a woman gets her tattoo has almost the same amount of significance as what […]

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Abstinence What Are The Real Benefits?

The “Just Say No” approach to sex is nothing new. Almost as long as modern society has been around, there has been an outspoken portion of the population endorsing abstinence. And while there has been some controversy over the past few decades about introducing other safe-sex alternatives as part of sex education, it would seem […]

Heart Rate Monitors to Enhance your Level of Fitness

Heart rate monitors can be an invaluable tool for athletes. A quality heart rate monitor can accurately gauge the intensity of your workouts. Having this simple tool can help you understand how effective they are and how much progress you’re making. In order for your workouts to be effective, you have to continually challenge yourself. […]

Just Keep Moving How to adopt an active lifestyle

For a healthier and better life just keep moving. Ever heard the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it?” It’s a valid point when it comes to maintaining the youthfulness of your body and mind. As we age it’s more important than ever to keep moving. For instance, flexibility is increasingly important as […]


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